Anyone know for sure what happened.

I just heard something terrible happened on North Main Street. I hope someone can tell me it isn't true. Does anyone know? The yellow house halfway up the hill-I don't want to mention any names.

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You haven't been paying attention to PTW's other prolific posts.

Just wait until home-building-season gets into full swing.

My dad taught me not to draw broad conclusions from limited facts. oc
Mine too.

A conclusion based on limited facts doesn't end with a question mark as my comment did.

(IOW, It's a question, not a conclusion).

I was just looking through the posts and noticed mine last night was by anonymous-the one about no cop cars or yellow tape in front of the house. I guess somehow I got signed out. I haven't been signing out which is nice, one less step. x, after a while do we get signed out automatically? I should have had a clue I guess when I was asked how much 2 + 2 is!!

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Yeah, there's a cookie expiration period after which you'll be signed out. I'll see about changing it, but it shouldn't kick you out too too often. I don't notice it because I never stay logged in anyway, since I'm bouncing between accounts.

OK, thanks, x,that's what I figured it must be. It is the first time it has happened since the inception of our presence here! So it doesn't bother me, don't worry about changing it as far as I am concerned.

Maybe we'll learn the culprit in the Burn's murder case on a future TV episode of "Cold Case Files."

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All you need is Bill Kurtis or Robert Stack tromping around with weird camera angles and random black & white.

As much as correlation does not equal causation, in terms of the completely speculative nature of the topic, PTW makes a decent guess. The police are obviously satisfied that they've "got their man" on some level if they're saying there's no cause for alarm and no one should be worried anymore.

I'm sure they'll publish it when the time is right, hopefully well before Cold Case Files shows up.

/upon further review, it looks like Robert Stack isn't really up for marching around anywhere. That's too bad, I liked him.

xrayxps says (in part):
"The police are obviously satisfied that they've "got their man" on some level if they're saying there's no cause for alarm and no one should be worried anymore."
What police said that? The only official spokesperson in the Burn's case who I've seen is ex-IRS auditor Jeffery Strelzen, who is now a New Hampshire assistant attorney general.

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Earlier in the thread people said that "they had been saying there is no further danger". I'd assumed that meant the police.

In the case that they've said nothing, then yeah, no basis for making any guesses in that case.

Well, I am thinking if they left the house they must feel they have all the info they need to make the arrest.

I saw the cleaners going in yesterday. It doesn't mean they have enough to make an arrest (although everybody who is "in the know" says an arrest of SOMEONE is imminent). It just means they have all the physical evidence they can find in the house. DNA takes a while to run, and, unlike CSI, everybody's DNA is NOT in a database. They'll need a warrant to get DNA from the four guys, and if the killer didn't leave DNA ten the investigation will take longer.

What I find odd is the fact that Mr. Burns isn’t getting any sympathy or being interviewed by reporters who would ask him how he felt about the murder.
He seems to be completely left out of the picture when it comes to getting any attention at all.
Nobody in authority has said that he did it so why isn’t he getting some condolences. He might have a history of treating her bad but that doesn’t mean he killed her.
Odd, odd, odd.

If Mr. Burns is not guilty, he's living in a very, very strange place right now.

I read all the crap in the paper. All I know is, if you haven't been pulled into court on a contempt complaint, then you aren't really divorced.

It is impossible to form any conclusions about any man based on divorce papers.

It IS important that he was never charged with assault, kidnapping, arson, or any of the other crimes referred to in the divorce papers. All those things are felonies, and men who do them get indicted, prosecuted, and convicted every day of the year.

When they're guilty, that is.

Faulty logic, Wolf. I was standing right next to one of Stacey's best friends yesterday after the service when WMUR approached, asking if I could point them in the direction of anyone close to her. Eddie was only five feet away at that point. I told them no, just like they've all told them no. I'm not defending him or weighing in on who I think did it, but if any good has come of this heinous crime I think it is that our little town has rallied behind the kids and those closest to Stacey.

I think there are quite a few people standing in a very strange place right now. I would not want to be any of them! Everyone seems to had a good reason to believe that who they think is guilty is indeed guilty. I go one way then another. I have kind of moved away from Mr. At first I thought it was him. Maybe they will not be able to figure it out, given all that were involved.??????

I saw the cleaners going in yesterday.
The cleaners could tell you a bunch.



Who were "all that were involved"????

In other cases the police usually divuldge who the persons of interest are. I wonder if the news media is asking them the questions. We know the locale media won't.

Will somebody post what they know?


Anonymous wrote: "Who were "all that were involved"????"

LOL! You are something else!

I don't think anyone will say publicly what they have heard.

Those who know, don't say.

Those who say, don't know.

Keeping their knowledge hidden is the major weapon the criminalists have to work with. They certainly aren't going to put it on the internet.

And as far as naming suspects by rumor...let's say that probably isn't a very good idea.

He said suspects.

Are the five children staying with Mr. Burns?

Mr. Burns and the kids have been staying with the nurse from Cresent Lake School but now that the house if free I heard the kids wanted to go home so yes, the kids and he are staying at the house. So I am hearing.

Thanks tis,

Glad to hear that the children are with their father.

Waiting, waiting, waiting ,waiting, waiting, waiting-------

Does anyone else remember the murder of Maurice and Ellen Wilkinson, who were shot to death in their bed while their two young children slept in a nearby room. The crime took place during the 1970s in Ossipee in the couple's large colonial home adjacent to Indian Mound? That bloody murder still remains unsolved.

A rumor that they were in Tuftonboro following up on a possible evidence lead. I hope they are simply tying up potential loose ends and not flailing about for a solution.

I had an aha! moment in the night when I once again wasn't sleeping. If this is, as it appears to be, a crime of passion...a good defense lawyer could tear apart the presence of most DNA found in the room. In other words, the major suspects could have plausible explanations for hair or skin cells, etc. For a while I was worried they hadn't found anything. Now I'm thinking they did, but are making darn sure they have everything in place for a solid prosecution.

I so hope I'm right, only because I want our town to have some closure.

I do remember that oc, but wasn't that supposedly a Mafia crime? Yes, I heard Ledge Hill Road was closed off yesterday but didn't hear why. I think everyone wants closure, I have heard so many people say that, as I do myself. Although I am not afraid thinking it was a random killing-some people still seem to be.

Frank said the Police were down near Kimballs yesterday looking in the sewers and had it all taped off. Perhaps they are still looking for a weapon.