Anyone know for sure what happened.

I just heard something terrible happened on North Main Street. I hope someone can tell me it isn't true. Does anyone know? The yellow house halfway up the hill-I don't want to mention any names.


LOL, gokart! I don't know when we get together to talk about taxes either. Maybe to bitch privately! WE could start a new threat to bitch about our taxes!
I along with thousands of others wish they would make an arrest!

Start a new "THREAT"? Aren't we already feeling threatened enough?
P.S. I'm sorry!

The Town of Wolfeboro has found some less than needed additional notoriety in the struggling Boston Globe! The Illinois arrest of one of the town’s former police commissioners who was arrested with 900 pounds of pot in the back of his pickup truck and the brutal stabbing of resident Stacey Burns are the main topics of the Globe’s article. These two headline producing events haven’t been linked together by other than private speculation. Of course that’s the problem here in Wolfeboro. Law enforcement hasn’t linked either crime to anything!

I actually thought the Globe article was good and shed light on issues not previously reported in the local GSN or WMUR. I believe the reporter was referring to John Linville's Political Blog site as the spot where people gather to discuss politics and taxes because he does indeed and he was also contacted by the Globe reporter. Furthermore, if you look at these blog-spots just before voting they are heavily titled towards politics, taxes, local affairs etc. We usually aren't discussing such heavy topics as drugs and murder.

Linville's site doesn't "discuss" anything, it is an opinion page. I for one am embarrassed that the Globe interviewed Linville and gave his opinion page credence.

Was there even one single fact in the Globe article that hasn't already been written? I didn't see one.

You are absolutely correct Anonymous, I criticized his blog when he first started it, and he let it be known that it is a non-interactive blog and he will not allow anyone to post anything that he doesn’t agree with.

Below is what he added to his column after I gave him my opinion of his blog.

"Some notes on feedback received by this column. First it is a non-interactive political blog, permitted by the First Amendment to the U.S. Consitution. Secondly if you have some burning desire to comment, complain, or otherwise comment on what is written here, I have provided an email box for such correspondence.”

I will add that Mr. Linville is a smart man and knows a lot about Wolfeboro politics, but he only sees one side to each story, which is his own.

There should be more citizens in town like John Linville to maintain oversight of our town officials. I must point out that he had good advice on how to vote at town meeting and the two articles he recommended voting against, the railroad station and the parking lot on Lehner St, are turning into white elephants that will be much more costly than the price tag on the warrant articles. I also point out that he recommended a yes vote on the school bond issue despite the fact he is retired and has no kids in the school district. I appreciate Mr. Linville's column.

I agree about the parking lot but the railroad station is going to cost whatever it costs whether it was a warrant article or not. i.e. Had the warrant article failed, the station would still need the same repair work. It may come to a vote to spend the required amount, or raze the building.

I didn't see anything in the Globe Article that wasn't tossed around either. I wish someone would write something we don't know. If we all hear it, how come none of these reporters can. I guess I can answer my own question. Because they can't prove some of it. Still---I would think they could, unless noone will talk. Or the ones who were there have been told not to talk.

The Globe article looked like a re-write of previous reports to me.

It is probably safe to say no gruesome evidence has been found on anybody's person or vehicle or an arrest would have been made already. Hopefully there is some DNA evidence as a result of a struggle.

Investigative reporters have solved crimes and assisted in solving crimes. But that doesn't usually happen untill years after an unsolved case, if at all.

Some details released by the authorities may have been helpful. Someone reading an article may remember a speeding car, car parked in desolate area, a person walking late at night etc. Something they thought was odd but trivial at the time. But it is now probably too late.

There was a meeting in Concord yesterday to review the state of the case. It was attended by NHSP major crimes unit, State of NH ADA Strelzin, Wolfeboro Chief of Police, and "other individuals who Strelzin declined to name".

There are lots of rumors about FBI/DEA involvement in this case. Are these the "other individuals"? And even given that the arrest of a police commissioner is enough to attract DEA to town, what's the Burns connection?

Last Month's brutal murder of Stacy Burns still remains unsolved, a fact that that weighs heavily over Wolfeboro. Periodically and as recently as today, a newspaper article tries to reassure us that all of those involved in the investigation are merely tying up loose ends and “getting their ducks in a row”. It seems to me that by now there should be long lines of ducks blocking traffic in downtown Wolfeboro! Instead, those of us interested in seeing the case resolved are hearing the same stories repeated in various newspapers. Today’s Union Leader has an article telling of a meeting Tuesday in Concord between the State’s Major Crimes Unit, Jeffrey Strelzin of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and Chief Stuart Chase of the Wolfeboro Police Department. Today, WMUR's website also repeats the same old time worn excuses.
This is news? It’s hard to believe that a meeting of the law enforcement officials involved in this case is even newsworthy. Those involved should be “banging heads” EVERY day that the case remains unsolved IMHO. I hope that this meeting wasn’t TRUELY unusual enough to warrant becoming the major ingredient of two news stories. Someday perhaps this will finally be solved.

I think the key to the Concord meeting is the "other individuals Strelzin declined to name" who were present.

I believe they were DEA and that an ongoing investigation of drugs in Wolfeboro has (somehow) gotten entangled in the Burns murder. How these two things are related is unclear, but I bet the Federal angle is slowing down the NH criminal case.

if you believe in the old saw that if there is smoke there is fire, then somehow the drug bust in Illinois and the Burn's homicide are linked. Could it be a "narco terrorism" scenario where the former sparked the latter as a warning to someone? The manner of the crime, the circumstances, the cryptic comments by the ex-husband on WMUR tonight, all point to there being something more than a random senseless murder. But at this point, one also wonders if this case will join the double murder, also in a house and execution style, in Indian Mound in the 1970s which remains unsolved to this day.

interesting article in Union Leader this morning about Mr. Burns trying to get restraining order on ex-boyfriend Wittum (sp?) but judge ruled it was not stalking and wouldn't issue one. Gets curiouser and curiouser. Guess it was Wittum's car that was parked in next door neighbor's driveway that caused that area to be included in original crime scene.
back on the narco-terrorism front, another theory floating around links those Brazilian M13 gang members arrested at Corner gas station at Pickering Corner a couple of years ago (remember that?) with the possiblity that Lowry was involved with distributing their "product" which they were bringing in from Canada.

His name is Vittum not Wittum, anonymous and it was his car that was parked next door. His x wife was also there with her car when the police and firetruck were. I also heard (?)Norm Vittum had a heart attack (Jimmy Vittum's father) I feel so sorry for him, the stress he must be going through-any family of anyone who was involved, can you imagine?

you mean the one's that stole the wolfeboro oil van and were stopped in tuftonboro? yea, they must have been delivering drugs . . .

That two "persons of interest" (Burns & Vittum) would have anything to do with one another in the month following the murder of Stacy Burns.
But today's Union Leader article tells, according to Burn's sworn testimony in court, how Vittum has been shadowing Burns around town as he picks up his children from school and so forth.
Included in the court room were personnel from the New Hampshire Attorney General's office (that according to Jeffrey Strelzen himself).
Wouldn't you think that these two people (Burns & Vittum) would strive to keep a lower profile?
Burns was in court seeking a restraining order against Vittum. The judge denied the restraining order. Does that mean that the judge doesn't believe Burn's testimony? Under these circumstances, wouldn't a prudent judge normally grant a restraining order? Pondering this makes me wonder if the judge had been given some "guidance" by the folks from the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office. Below (hopefully) is a link to today's Leader Union article.

I have assumed that, if the state had a reason to suspect Ed Burns, that they would have intervened to keep the children away from a flagrantly unsafe situation.

Similarly, if the state suspects Mr. Vittum and if it's true that he's bumping into the Burns family on a regular basis, a protective order is a no-brainer.

There's something more to this case than a passionate crime by an ex-partner, but it's very hard to put one's finger on just what until the state coughs up some more information.

The link worked.

The Ex's lawyer should have told him to be quiet. Now that a restraining order has failed, the Ex looks the worse for it.

mill is ablaze with rumors that were first reported as news last Thursday night on WMUR TV's 6 PM newscast. That newscast reported that one of the late Stacy Burns's former boyfriends is now living with his ex-wife in a home that the ex-wife's father owns on King Street in Wolfeboro.
Gee, it seems like the old saying, "War makes strange bedfellows." Has come to life in this ongoing saga!

I heard the same thing, oc. Makes you wonder why.

I think the husband did it.



I wonder if they are going to just let it go on and on and not do anything about it. Maybe they will end up saying it is a suicide as they usually do. That despite the cruelty and mailciousness of the crime. I and others I know are very disgusted.

I'm hoping he is arrested far away from the children. (And especially hope he doesn't get bond).

This is (or has become) a very intense/suicidal personality, IMHO. He could take out the rest of the family.

There was very little of this behavior before recreational drugs came on the scene. For "situational ethics", you can thank Liberals.



CW, STOP IT! Your armchair theorizing is SO LAME and detrimental.

Glad I am not the only one that forgets your name, Peace. Anyway, I am not so sure he did it. At the very first that is what I thought -I think the husband is the first usual suspect, but after hearing all the complicated scenarios, I will really be surprised if he is the one they arrest. If they ever arrest anyone. That thought makes me really disugusted!

Maybe I have too much naive faith in the authorities (I know, I know), but I cannot believe that they would let him live with the children if he didn't have a strong alibi AND they didn't have another suspect.

Sure, I know he has a legal right to custody under the circumstances. But fathers who have such rights are in court every day battling the state, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and DYS because fathers, for whatever reason, have the burden of proof when there is even a QUESTION of fitness.

If they thought he did it, even without proof, they could and would find some pretext to put the kids in foster care until he was proven innocent.

But I do agree with PTS (whoever you were) that it's very likely there is a drug connection somewhere in here, and that that's why "other individuals who Strelzin declined to name" are involved in the investigation along with NHSP, the DA, and WPD.

Happy Fathers Day!

to you too, gokart-mozart! Not only that, but I agree with most of your premises. Nor do I envy Mr. Burns in his ongoing role as father to his five motherless children. He'll have to be an especially wise & loving man in order to handle that role in the years to come. I wish him all the wisdom he'll need.
I'm a father too and have tried to be a good parent under sometimes difficult circumstances. We have other good parents here on the Forum, Dragonfly comes to my mind. Love is any good parent's best tool.

I saw Mr. Burns in church this morning and prayed for a special father's blessing on him and is children. As you say, they'll need it.

I know nothing about the guy, but I do know that if everything my ex-wife and her friends said about me was in the paper, I'd be fighting off lynch mobs.

I hope this gets resolved soon.