Anyone know for sure what happened.

I just heard something terrible happened on North Main Street. I hope someone can tell me it isn't true. Does anyone know? The yellow house halfway up the hill-I don't want to mention any names.


Thanks gokart-mozart, you've reminded me of another thing I like about this Forum!
My ex-wife's not a member!

Yes, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads on this forum!

And thank you for the nice compliment about my parenting. I do think most of us try to do the best we can with our lives and children.

Happy Father's Day!

P. S. - I was quite impressed with Barack Obama's Fathers Day Message to fathers in America. Anyone else?

Dragonfly, to say complimentary things about President Obama. I was positive that he'd be a disaster as president, but I was wrong.
It's still going to take more practice on my part before I'm comfortable praising him.

And you don't think he is a disaster, oc? I was hoping he wouldn't be but my worst fears have come true. I think he is worse than I feared.

How has Obama disappointed you tis? What has he done that's affected you as yet?

I think he's been handed an EXCEPTIONALLY difficult set of circumstances that he probably didn't bargain for and I think it's amazing he's still standing let alone doing a good job.

When was the last time you saw a President come out and talk to the men in this country about being a good father or taking a leadership position. The fact of the matter is that when he speaks young people look up to him....which is the basis for the true change we all desire.

According to one of the following people, one of the late Stacey Burn’s ex-boyfriends has moved into his ex-wife’s father’s house on King Street in Wolfeboro, with his ex-wife because she (his ex-wife) wants her ex-husband to protect her from the late Stacey Burn’s ex-husband. Were you all able to follow that?

But it could just be smoke screen to counter the previous Restraint-Order business.

That someone was murdered.

A man came in my shop yesterday who said he was a County Prosecutor from the Stowe VT area and he said they get a murder about once every 4 years. He said he just solved one that was 12 years old. I think this might take a good long while until other DNA shows up or the murder weapon shows up or something comes to light. They would have arrested someone by now if there was strong evidence and it just looks like this is headed for the cold files.

1) An Indiana law was overturned by SCOTUS (csmonitor) which makes it more difficult to select the examiner to analyse DNA. (5-4 reversible decision).

2) A defendant with a criminal history may not have evidence examined in the future—Alaska. (nyt)(5-4 reversible decision).

Raymond Guay around the state. Raymond Guay was convicted of killing a child 36 years ago and has served his time and is on supervised probation. WMUR can't resist stirring the pot of raw human emotion by constantly reporting from each town Guay has moved to. Now the old bastard has moved to New Hampton, New Hampshire where citizens whose base emotions are stirred are protesting Guay's being a resident of New Hampton. Residents are demanding selectmen in New Hampton take action regarding the murderer in their midst.
Seeing all this hysteria makes me think about how tolerant we who live in Wolfeboro are. Here in our town we have a fresh, apparently vicious murderer in our midst also and, unlike New Hampton residents, we are demanding nothing of our police and town government. Why is this? What do you think?

I think you are right oc. Privately, at least what I hear, people ARE furious there hasn't been an arrest yet. But no one is saying that to the police.

Why doesn't Guay just move to Massachusetts or New York?

He wouldn't be noticed in either place!

You got me thinking P_T_W. Why doesn't Guay relocate to Wolfeboro? Murderers are safe enough here.

Our State Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte has resigned. Until she's replaced, who's in charge of the Burn's murder investigation? Jeffery Strelzin?
I hope that someday we have an effective attorney general who will take the murder of Stacey Burns and our public safety seriously. Meanwhile, the case grows ever colder.

Ms. Ayotte promised Governor Lynch as recently as March that she was serving her complete term and now she is bailing out. Given her aspirations to the US Senate you wonder just how much attention she gave the Burns case.

Ayotte, unfortunately, will be a good fit in the senate, where most of her co-workers won't do much either.

And what they DO do only hurts us, oc. We are better off if they all stay home!

Everyone has and does blame whoever's President. Congress is much more often to blame. Some times it's because of what they've done and sometimes it's because of what they haven't done! Either way, we're screwed.

Any chance we can keep this thread on topic? The political stuff can go elsewhere.

Unverified one.

Of the teens in the house, how many were Burns'? Three?

What were their ages?

BTW: Kelly "is gettin' out while the gettin's good".

Boy Governor John Lyncb has reportedly nominated Michael Delaney to replace Kelly Ayotte as New Hampshire's Attorney General.
Delaney will bring to the position two additional major qualifications for his new job than were possessed by Ayotte.

Supposedly two of the kids in the house were Burns, the boy who is a sophomore and the 8th grade girl. One of the girls spending the night was the Vittum's daughter and one of the boys was a Wyers. The fourth grader and the twins were with Ed or the grandmother.

Not only that but Old Coot raised a couple of good points too.
M. Heppelwhite

Next question:

WHY were the teens there "overnight".

Did Vittum's daughter have permission to be there "overnight"??



P_T_W asks:
"WHY were the teens there "overnight".

I'll hazard a guess on this one. I believe that the teens were there overnight because that's how teens are, especially on weekends.
It's a characteristic of their species.

Of course, the Vittums were very friendly with her. Jamie too, PTW. The boys played hockey together. There were always kids in and out of that house. Parents too for that matter.