Our New Emergency Shelter

I'd like to thank xrayspx for setting of this new forum where old wolfeboro.net friends and adversaries can congregate. Tis has volunteered to contact as many old WB.net members as she has contact info for, while protecting member's true idenities. Can anyone post any new information on the numerous wolfeboro restaurants that are in transition?


I've been here but there doesn't seem to be too much going on. Olc emailed me yesterday about the fiasco at the RR station but I'm thinking he is a bit over the top with his summation already. He's jumping to conclusions that haven't yet been discussed and I hope he isn't putting things in peoples heads that don't exist. Did anyone else get his email yesterday?

Yea, DF!!! Glad you are here. I think oc and I and z were wondering if anyone was EVER coming to visit us!!! I know I was. I did get the email and I agree, I got the same feeling. When he said he called the state, I was disappointed. Why stir up trouble? OK. OC, now you have to come on here and defend yourself!!!!!
I am not an expert computer guru Chris, but I like to have the newest emails come up first, not scroll through all of them. I don't mind it like it is now, hitting for instance emergency shelter and then gettig the posts but I would like as I said to have the last come up first. Will any of those you mentioned do that for me? Thanks.

Ok, guys, I have held off posting until I knew it was public, but there was a huge drug bust in Illinois involving none other than one of Wolfeboro's finest---former police commissioner that is! He had 2.2 $ worth of pot when he got stopped for 70 in a 65. See, you guys, aren't you glad you're on here. I have heard for about a week but I never like to post anything until it is public knowledge!

WHO?????????? Geez'em'crow - that's a wicked lot of pot. How could he even have that much in one vehicle!?!?!?

Now we've got some more life! Sensational post tis! Looking back into past Police Commissioners, my vote is for Peter Shulman. How'd I do tis? (I've not heard a word about this except for your post.)

Never heard of him?

I googled him and came up with some info on his time in Wolfeboro. If you go to this site and scroll down, you'll see a section that begins: "In 1973 Peter and his family......."
That begins the telling of his life in Wolfeboro.

My coming up with his name is based on unfounded speculation based on my impression of him when he was in town. It will be interesting if my speculation proves correct.

I just found out that ex-commissioner Jim Lowrey was the pot-mule. I knew he was a conniving weasel, but I didn't know this detail.

Here's the news that tis alerted us to. (Note tbat I previously misspelled the perp's name.)

Holy Shit Batman! Now that's news! Isn't his son already doing time right now?

Yes, Dragonfly, I think that his son was a frequent partner-in-crime with Jonathan (?) Miller and my best sources think that he's doing time now.
Nothing like a good old-fashioned Wolfeboro scandal to liven up this site. Thanks tis!

900 lbs of pot DF is a lot!
Interesting post oc. Do you remember the standoff at his house? His wife was a friend of mine, not a real close friend but a friend. I recall her name was Gayanne I think. He sounds like a saint in that clip.
I heard the DEA is in Wolfeboro and took the computer from the real estate office where JL works and they have been here because of that other bust regarding Hoyt, you must have heard about that one.

Tell me about the Hoyt bust - I had no idea on that one either.

People are talking and wonder if JL was a mule for Duco and if he'll turn over on him rather then face 12-60 years in jail. Apparently JL's girlfriend Robin told someone close to me he had to come up with $50,000 to get out on bail. I also heard he made the run for $10,000 which is pretty insignificant considering the amount of drugs involved. Why in hell would you put your neck on the chopping block for that little amount? There's also specualation he'll loose everything - house, cars, etc. because the FBI is involved because he crossed 7 states. I find it amazing that Jeff Badger has 2 successful resturants in Colorado where Jim just happened to be coming from on a ski trip which is just about 1/2 way to California. Jeff Badger and Duco go way back. I wonder if he needed the money because Real Estate is so slow or if he needed the money for legal fees for his kid? I hope he did it for himself and not to help his kid - noone should be put in that position! The whole thing is such a mix of humor and sadness! I feel bad for Robin. She must have a very heavy heart this week.


Here is the story. I hope this link works.
Sounds like you have the whole thing put together, DF. The three go way back. I also heard the bail was $50,000. I also heard -rumor only -that maybe they want him to tell! Stopping someone for five miles an hour over the speed limit is unusual.
Hoyt is the vice principal in Rochester, son of a local man.Sad.

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Wow, hasn't been a good couple of years for Rochester teachers. I spent a good deal of time including a few all-nighters with this guy probably 20 years ago or so. He was in the same computer club as me. Difference was, I was 13 and didn't know any better than to geek out over computers (I'm pretty much cured now), he was 42 or so I guess. :-)


I should mention, he was a high school teacher at Spaulding, that article didn't mention any of that.

Jim Lowry isn't unknown to me. During the mid-1980s, I hired his first wife Lori to work as a clerk in my business. Jim used to come in and hang around me like a long lost friend. I soon figured out that he was playing "I Spy" for Paul Zimmerman. I realized that I could use Jim to my advantage, so I filled him with so much BS that it's a wonder he didn't burst. All the while, Jim thought he was working to my disadvantage, when in fact, he was a tremendous help to me.
I also remember when the search warrants were executed on Kokopelli in Wolfeboro Falls. Badger and Dumont's arrest was supposed to be imminent... and then nothing came down! It all seemed very mysterious.
As for Hoyt, I knew some Hoyts who were in the flooring and tile business, in Wolfeboro, but I'm not familiar with the Hoyt who is a vice principal in Rochester. Can you fill in the "Hoyt gap" for me tis?

I think we're all talking about 3 different Hoyt families. There is Mazie & Russell(d) from Mirror Lake who owned the flooring place and has adult girls. There is Ken Hoyt and Lorraine who owned Wainwright and is a current VP and she is an aide at the school and their son is Shane who works at Garwoods and is a teacher and is a Kingswood grad from 1998 or 1999. Shane has a teaching degree but I didn't know he was a VP in Rochester - that would be news to me. Ken Hoyt was a police at one time and is the current President of Rotary - maybe just passed and is the salt of the earth. Ken and Lorraine are some of the kindest folks I know. They are good customers and friends. Shane owns the little brown house that's on Route 109A - Pine Hill Road on the first curve across from Klickety Klack - it's been for sale for quite some time with Yankee and now is for sale by owner.

Mazy and Russell are not Hoyt's, they are Cloughs. They bought the carpet place from the Hoyt's who started it and named it after themselves.
Ken is the father of the one involved in what I heard about. He must be sick about it.
Makes you wonder doesn't it x. You sometimes don't know people.

Of course Mazy and Russell are Cloughs - I don't know what I was thinking. Well of course I know what I was thinking but my brain wires were crossed.

So what do you know about Ken's son?

I looked at the town assesment today and Jim Lowry owns two houses on Knoll Circle (Off Sewall near Carry Beach) and Robin owns none unless she owns them in something other then her own name. One is assessed at $205,000 and the other at $210,000. If Duco does go down it would be very interesting to see what he owns. I've seen his red and white signs all over the county right beside Jeb's!!!!!!

Wish I'd thought to do that. Those are fairly modest assessments for Sewall Road neighborhoods.
While Duco signs are everywhere around town (and Ossipee too) I wonder if any deeds are in Paul Dumont's name - none I'd bet. That's not to say that if the Feds become involved, property wouldn't be confiscated.
I'll be amazed if Lowry's arrest leads to anyone else's arrest.
I still haven't heard of any of the circumstances regarding Shane Hoyt's troubles. Of the little I've gleaned, it is too bad. As you said Dragonfly, his parents are first class people. In that my home, car and previous business are all (or were) insured through Wainwright and I've had good experiences in dealing with Ken Hoyt, I can't imagine why that Hoyt family didn't come to my increasingly feeble mind. A drug arrest will certainly mark the end of Shane's career in education.
It sure got hot today - but to my old bones it felt good.
What, Dragonfly, can you tell us about that big, impressive looking item in front of your porch?

The heat felt wonderful to my old bones too, oc! I hope today is as nice but I guess it is going to be a bit cooler. Stange if you are involved in drugs you would have your houses in your own name. I would have thought he would have had them in his wife's name only. Don't ya' think?
I saw Keith today and he said he didn't know when he would have a chance to do the website. But I think he is planning on doing it. He was enjoying the weather. ( which he deserves)
x, I was wondering if when people went to wolf.net they could be directed here, or don't you want that? It would be nice to get more people here. I don't understand why OC and Anti haven't come over. Maybe OC wants to feel more people are reading than the four of us.?????

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There's really nothing I can do here, I don't control the wolfeboro.net domain, and I have no access to the machine it's currently hosted on. I was as surprised as anyone when they moved it before having the new site set up. I kind of figured they (or I) would do a new install on the new host, and then we'd move it smoothly.

I'll mail Keith and Ralph and see if they want to put a link there though.

Yes tis. I read your account of your pleasant motor boat voyage yesterday. Last night was cool enough for comfortable sleeping too. The best of both worlds.
As for Jim Lowry, I never said (or thought) that he was smart! Why, do you think he's smart?
I'll be surprised if Keith or Ralph OK a link from WB.net to this site. Our friend Chris has certainly been hospitable and accommodating to us on this site. (Thank you Chris!) As for OC and his wanting more people to read, I'm fairly sure that there are more readers than active participants.
I'll look into a small ad in the Granite - maybe if it is not too much I'd spring for it. What do you and DF think about that?

How about a "free" press release? They won't print mine but they certainly would print one from either of you two or even from X. Keith had tried in years past and wasn't successful but maybe he didn't know he had to write it to make it easy for the Editor to just print it.

Monday, unless Chris objects, I'll go to work on your inspired suggestion, Dragonfly. Maybe I can get it mentioned elsewhere as well.

A friend emailed me the link shown below. It takes you to a webcam in the Custom House Clock Tower in Boston, where we can all spy on a nesting falcon. She's sitting on four eggs which are expected to hatch some time real soon. If you patiently watch, you'll see her move. Right now it is as exciting as watching a tree grow, but there should be a lot more action when her chicks hatch.
Click on the link and then click on enter.
If anyone knows how to contact birdwatcher from the old WB.net forum, I bet she'd love this!

Did I say I thought Jim Lowry was smart? I don't think he's too smart, given what just happened to him.
X-I don't see why they would mind, it is not like you are trying to steal the site away, you are just helping us (and them0 for a while, which, as we have told you we DO appreciate! I think that would be the best way to get our old members back -who obviously are the ones most interested in posting. It always takes a while to get things going anyway. I just think people don't know we are here. I remembered I knew how to email another member today, we will see if he joins us. I don't know as people would even see it in the paper. I do know some are reading but not posting.

I'm sending out an email newsletter this week for the opening of our shop which is May 1st. I'll put it in there with a link too. The other idea would be a letter to the Editor which they may or may not choose to post. Laconia Daily Sun is usually quite good about it printing things as is the Conway Daily because they want to grab the GSN business. Who knows - it's worth a try tho.

All good suggestions, Dragonfly. You should work up a promotion for Dragonflies and post it under xray's pimping yourself heading.