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Has anbody heard any more about when "The Restaurant" will open, and the old Barn Door or the new women's clothing store? Anyone know who bought the old Barn Door? I heard it will open in the next week or so?


Not sure tis, which area restaurant is "the The Restaurant". I eat at home mostly, but I ate at the Barndoor last summer and tried their meatloaf entrée which turned out to be incredibly delicious. I'm truly sorry that I can't have it again! (A wise woman once told me that, "you never know when the last time has already happened.") Great words - smart woman!

Is "The Restaurant" the old Wolfeboro House of Pizza?

Where is the womens clothing store going?

Yes, it is going where the old House of Pizza was. I heard the women's store is going right next to Wolf. Casuals by the bridge. I also heard it is the daughter of the lady who has the ribbon shop.
It will be nice to have some more restaurants to choose from again.

Thanks tis

I hope the womens clothing store will be affordable for Wolfeboro common folks and not just summer big spenders.

More restaurants to choose from will be nice. Good ones that is.

There was a good write up about West Lake in the Grunter this week. I like that place; good food and good service!

For getting a response to my restaurant question. You've always had a special way with tis!
I'm less excited to learn where one can buy women's clothing in Wolfeboro.

I would have answered you oc!


You just have to remember oc that wolf and I had a puppy love thing going on.

Don't worry, tis. I remember how you two puppies used to carry on on the old forum!


tis is my favorite forum member.

She just has a way about her that you can't help but like.

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That can happen :-)

Thanks for the compliment, wolfie! It made me smile. xoxoxoxoxo
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the new eatery at the wolfeboro marketplace opened tonight
me,my wife and daughter were the 1st customers and we were quite impressed,small menu but plenty to choose from,great service,prices were decent.......the wife says everyone should try the elvis burger once..peanut butter and bacon on a decent sized burger,with a home made bun,all in all with drinks and apps we spent 55 dollars less the tip

I'm glad to hear that they're off to a good start. What is the official name of Wolfeboro's newest restaurant? Maybe the owners could work up a good promotional post for this forum's "Pimping Yourself" thread.

I did LOL, oc, at your post!

I heard it was going to be called "The Restaurant"

New eatery? new restaurant? Market place???

Somehow I'm at a lost as to where this new place is and what it is called.

I'm with oc, pimp this new place someone.

wolf----It's a new restaurant at the Wolfeboro Marketplace across from Melanson' Real Estate. It used to be the pizza place. The Yankee Pedlar (son) opened it.

I think I finally got it.

Thanks tis

you are very welcome my friend!

Last Saturday morning I became aware of the intrusive roar of passing motorcycles. Here we go-I thought! (The road that passes my house is a major motorcycle thoroughfare, every summer.) Since I was planning to go to the Wolfeboro Solid Waste Facility (dump) that day I figured I was in for some traffic. My route to the dump includes Waumbec Road and Beach Pond Road. Except for Main Street I don't think I passed or saw a car coming in either direction. After a visit at the well-run Wolfeboro Solid Waste Facility I noticed I was low on gas. With the sound of passing motorcycles still in my head, old memories of stop and go traffic in Wolfeboro Falls and of waiting in line at the Irving Station for my turn at the pump, at first caused me to veto my trip.
But after a little arguing with myself, I came to the conclusion that I might as well get it over with and get some gas. As I came into the business district at Wolfeboro Falls, I suddenly realized that I was alone on the highway! When I got to the Irving Station (a pretty busy place year-round) I was able to just breeze right up to a pump! This isn't Wolfeboro in the summertime I thought-it's the Twilight Zone.
Yesterday, a friend of mine who is a local contractor, stopped by the house for a visit. I told him what a ghost town I found Wolfeboro to be on Saturday. "You've noticed that too" he said. Then he went on to relate his own personal experience in Wolfeboro early this week. Both of us had been amazed at the no traffic, plenty of parking, phenomena that we had seen. We both agreed that Wolfeboro seems to be in for a bad tourist season.
I'm wondering if other Forum members have noticed how dead things are and if they agree with my premise that Wolfeboro is in trouble?

I noticed the same oc, very quiet so far this year. The weather I am sure has put a damper on activity.

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Down in 'ole Milford it didn't seem all that quiet at the time, but we were walking around the Milford oval last Saturday and looking back it did seem that it was easier than normal to cross the street. It was kind of chilly here on Saturday though, maybe it's just not Summer yet in people's minds.

My wife was going to head to the beach today, but scrapped it because she didn't want to be wearing a sweater at the ocean.

Yes, I have noticed. I tried to go out"about the town" Saturday night and there simply wasn't anything going on. By 10 pm I gave up. None of the nightspots had enough people in them for even slight interest. Kingswood had a band (I think) and about 6 cars. Mill street had a DJ and about 6 tables of late diners but no bar crowd to speak of. Garwoods had the waitstaff standing out on the sidewalk looking up and down the street. The Restaurant was doing good business for the late hour.
I was appalled. I do think the weather killed the beginning of bike week, as the long range forecast called for rain most of the week.

Weather is a positive or negative factor in the tourist flow. But Wolfeboro has always been kind of a destination resort, where people come and spend a week or more on vacation. In past years poor weather days were a guarantee of no available parking and lots of downtown activity. Like many days this season, Saturday was cool but it was otherwise sunny and pleasant. I'd like to hope that our only problem here in Wolfeboro is the weather. And it's true, some people who are normally here in the summer plan not to be here during Motorcycle Week.
As I'm growing fond of saying - Time will tell.