My favorite vocals—why...?

I mostly listen to talk radio, but the other day I hit the FM selector in a rare error. The Laconia station was playing a tune with the words "I'm the train they call the City of New Orleans".

I listened with interest and, later, recalled a few of my longtime favorites. (Words, not Titles):

2)The Day They Drove Old Dixie Down (Joan Baez)
3)The Gambler (Kenny Whatzhisname)
4)The Southern Cross (Some Famous Group)
5)Blue Skies ("Iz" Somebody)
6)Eo Mai (Keali'i Reichel)

It's too early in the AM to recall any others when I first thought of these—and I've already committed myself to all the above words.


What is the common denominator among my [presently recalled] favorite vocals?

Evocative of "some other time"?

The year in which these were produced?


The guitar (uke)?





My answer to your question is:
Evocative of "some other time"?

Also, I believe the Joan Baez song you thought you recalled is really entitled:
"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"

One quote found at a different (and completely unrelated) forum just one day after I quote Joan Baez...:

"Quoting Joan Baez? Are you serious? Isn’t this the same woman who sang and wrote love songs to her husband in jail then divorced him when he got out? The same woman I saw in 1966 who when asked what advice she had for the youth of the day advised “drop out of school?” "The only plank in the Liberal platform when you take away everything else is this: tear down everything that’s good, so that everything becomes equal."