K-Cups: Win or Fail?

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My office really, deeply hated these when we lost our coffee machines to Keurigs, however with the release of stronger coffee, and our hackery and figuring out how to "double brew", it all worked out.

Also, when they made the switch, they took our cappuccino creamer and gave us Mini-Moos, we almost lynched the coffee machine lady that day.

The coffeemaker discussion on the Winnipesaukee Forum centered around the Keurigs and the available varieties of coffee packets (if that's what you call them) that are available for them. I was quietly enjoying my education on the species when the autocratic webmaster shut the topic down and deleted all posts on the subject.
I long ago decided that he was a jerk, but his latest power trip reinforced by belief.

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Definitely over time we all came to appreciate the K-Cup system, for sure. And there are simply HUNDREDS of different flavors now, and whole stores for K-Cups, this one is right near my house. Sidebar: Foodees used to be the second best pizza in the state after Checkers in like Conway or wherever, now they suck. They suck REALLY bad, like Dominoes if, instead of using ovens, they steamed their pizzas.

The Keurig machines at VistaPrint were all plumbed into the building plumbing, so you couldn't mess with them too much aside from hacking them to change the mix and make really strong coffee. The smaller units have you put in the water for each run, meaning you can do things like making coffee with coffee, or making hot-chocolate with coffee that you pour in. It probably does terrible things to the machine, but who cares, that's why it's at an office. Somebody Elses Problem :-)

Chris, a couple of your posts lead me to believe that you may be confusing the Winnipesaukee Forum, where coffeemaker discussions are verbotin and the Wolfeboro Community Forum, which is the one that suffered a black out recently.
Tis belongs to both, while I never joined the Wolfeboro Community Forum (aka New Forum).

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Didn't know how many different forum deals you guys had going up there.