The Death Penalty for the Murderer of Molly Bish?

It has been nine years since Warren, MA, teenager Molly Bish vanished from her lifeguard post at Comins Pond.

Her remains were found five miles away.

No murderer has been named in this abduction/murder as yet.

It's been nine years...time to let bygones be bygones?

They've found no murderer, so which death sentence is being commuted here?

Massachusetts doesn't even have the death penalty, so yeah, I guess if they ever find the murderer, they probably won't kill them. But like, so? You're trying to draw a thread out of this somehow, but I don't get the angle yet.

Any normal person would question that a 16-y-o lifeguard could be lured from her station with the promise of drugs. She doesn't fit the "Loser" label at all.

Besides a NH murder case by an "Illegal", I don't recall any unresolved abduction/murder of a child in New Hampshire—which HAS the Death Penalty.

Like civil unions, I hope (keeping Molly's horror in mind) that NH doesn't go "the unthinking/unblinking Liberal route" and remove the Death Penalty.

Her mother noted a "gentleman" sitting in a car early that morning. A suspect from Molly's locale—and fitting that "gentleman's" description—has verbally threatened Massachusetts' investigators from his Florida front door.

A similar case, from 1992, by a defrocked Massachusetts priest (known to have molested boys), also remains unresolved.

If found guilty of Molly's murder—or if found guilty of another child's abduction and murder in a state with the Death Penalty—why should he get more than one appeal before being spirited from among us—permanently?

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Are you pissed because the MA police are somehow incompetent for not having caught the murderer, or because if they DO catch the murderer, that he won't be put to death? Or both? Or is it illegal immigrants?

It looks like the defrocked priest is a somewhat iffy suspect in the other case, now sadly almost 40 years old.

This seems like a case of you really having something interesting to say too.

On the subject of the death penalty, I'm pretty indifferent, which I guess defaults me into the "pro" column. Philosophically, I'm "anti" I guess, but some people just need to go, really, with extreme prejudice. It's like the abortion thread, I'm philosophically anti-abortion in my own life (not that it matters, I'm a man and thus it's not my problem at all), but I'm also pragmatic enough to realize that sometimes, rarely, it's the best solution.

Uncountable Americans die, mourn, suffer or remain deathly frightened due to murderers who are released from "corrections" after only eight years ("Life") or less.

Even if the "discouragement quotient" of the DP is minimal, we shouldn't need to bow to European demands that we put our murderers in jail for life.

You'd be right if I said I was PO'd at our legal system, which is run by lawyers, and for lawyers, and largely with OPM.

The DP should have one appeal, and one appeal only.

The whole system collapsed about the time of "Miranda Rights"—a system-overhaul that couldn't even protect Miranda himself.

Today, more murderers immediately confess to their heinous crime, then successfully have their confessions excluded by lawyers—most of whom are paid for by OPM.