Front page of Grunter

On the front page of the Grunter today there is picture and a caption below it that tells about the surprise Birthday visit for Henry S. Maxfield Sr. Look how close chubby Fred Stevens is from Maxfield head and he is using a magaphone to talk to him. Do you think Maxfield got the message? If Maxfield is that hard of hearing, then I don’t think he heard the four singers who sang happy birthday to him.

Why does this little birthday surprise get front page coverage in the first place?

See picture below:


Good question. Must be he knows someone at the GSN.

I've "walked-in" a story to GSN in the past—a nice feature for a small-town newspaper—but this one includes a bit of "info-mercialialism".

could it be because he is one of their best and longest running advertiser as well as a well respected citizen about town ?

Good logic Dragonfly.

LOL, oc!!!!

so what's so funny tis?

tis is going to have to answer that one, I didn't see anything funny either until I saw your last post, that is.

Don't ask, I guess I just have a strange sense of humor and it struck me funny. It seemed like such an obvious comment to make I guess I thought you were trying to be funny oc. Sorry, I am like the person giggling in church.

Don't tell?
You can giggle to your heart's content, tis! However, perhaps you should try to control yourself in church.
Dragonfly's "ok you two" tickled my funny bone - I guess she thought we were conspiring against her. Dragonfly should know that Forum Members would never do that!