Functionality Requests and Questions

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Hi folks,

Firstly, big thanks to Old Coot for hunting me down and convincing me this was a good idea :-)

In the absence of a working forum for members, you're all welcome to hang out here and continue your discussions. The forum setup is much simpler than what they have at, but should provide a decent experience.

If there is any additional functionality you'd like to see, let me know and I'll work at adding it. It seems that the site creates an RSS feed for every topic which gets created, which is great, you can follow your discussions in any RSS feed reader rather than having to login or deal with email updates to every thread you want to see.

You're also all welcome to post blogs via the Create Content -> Blog Entry menu. I think that by default user blogs will stay under the "Blogs" section, but if people use it and I see something that interests me or looks like it might interest other people in general, I'll push it to the main page.

Couple of caveats/comments:

  • I'm not really affiliated with I basically provided them hosting and support for free for the last 18 months or so, but I have no insight into when their site might come back online or in what form. Relatedly...
  • Comments and forum topics posted here probably won't make it to when they do come back. My site uses a different blogging and forum package than If they're gone a while and lots of comments build up here, we might be able to try to move them from my Drupal based forum to their Joomla! based one, but I'm not sure that it will work.
  • Blog entries are great. If you've got anything more opinion based or which you think would work better in a longer blog format as opposed to a shorter-form forum post, feel free. As you can see most of my entries are related to bands I go see, or little hacks I write and technology beefs in general. Knock yourselves out.

So yeah, basically have fun, let me know if there's anything I can change to make things better/easier for you.




Recently I unwillingly posted as "Anonymous". Today I see that my user-name is prominently listed in the upper left hand corner.

My guess is that a change was made to the site's protocol and the "automatic saving" of my user-name "wasn't".

Could a more-prominent presentation of the word "Anonymous" be made? (Like all-caps?)

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I haven't really changed anything, I think Tis had a similar issue the other week, where her cookie expired, and so you just need to login again.

Since I login as both the admin and as me, I have the site never save my username I always tend to look at the navigation at the left to see if I'm logged in or not.

Also, you shouldn't be prompted to enter a CAPTCHA if you're logged in, so if you have to enter a math problem, you're anonymous.

In any case, if you want the comment attributed instead of it being anonymous, I think I may be able to fix that.

Have a good one,


Never mind.

The original post moved up and I lost track of it when I returned.