Geese droppings

At the July 15th BOS meeting David Ford said he was concerned about Canadian geese fouling the town docks. The geese have increased over the last few years and now number 33, including 21 adults. Ford said "each goose leaves one pound of droppings per day and the mess is becoming unmanageable".

My My, one pound of poop per day?? I don't think so Mr. Ford! A full size Canadian goose will poop about 2 oz's a day, and that is if he eats good.

It does looks like they poop about a lb a day when you walk around the area that they leave their droppings.


No kidding, you can't walk when they are around.

The late great Theo (Theodora) Whitten used to say that "so & so was as full of shit as a Christmas Goose".
Maybe Wolfeboro has a flock of Christmas Geese!

Thanks old coot, that's why Ford said one pound of shit per goose.
Although I think Ford is full of it!

What a wonderful person she was. I loved her!
But these geese are no joke! I never saw so much s---!!!

Are all housebroken, rabbits too.
M. Heppelwhite

These damn geese aren't housebroken M. They would go anywhere!

I was at Wolftrap yesterday, and photographed about 16 in a group. I'll post it at WinniCom.

Anyone know where I can get uncooked shrimp in town?



Mill Street Market has uncooked shrimp!!

Sorry to interrupt this intense discussion to observe.......
It's been a quiet day here in Lake Wobegon.