Good TV Show Tonight

Pete Seeger's 90th birthday celebration at Carnegie Hall will be telecast tonight (Sunday 8/2 @ 9:00PM. I'm sure that this will be a must see for P_t_W and other like-minded people (if there are any others like him). I'm sure tis will enjoy it too.

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I just found out on Thursday about his two night performance at the Newport Folk Festival this weekend, which was way too short notice and too expensive at the last minute. Both nights because every other artist wanted a chance to play with him. Now I read this 30 minutes into the show!

Thanks, I'm sure they'll be running this about 4000 times so I should have a chance to record it.

Pete's birthday show was a good one, originating from Madison Square Garden and not Carnegie Hall as I had posted. There were lots of famous artists there to help Pete celebrate. Pete's still sharp for his 90 years. I should have known channel 11 would turn this into yet another fund raiser. It was good to see some seldom seen friends of Pete's such as Rambling Jack Elliott and Arlo Guthrie. Joan Baez's 3-octave vocal range is real music to my ears. Bob Dylan was conspicuous by his absence.
I'm sure you're right Chris, the show will be aired 4,000 more times.

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I went to go look back for the NPR show I heard on Thursday that caused me to look into going this past weekend, that show is right here and is worth the listen, it's got some Ramblin Jack interview, etc. To be honest I cranked it down probably 20 minutes before the end to start making phone calls and see about getting tickets, hotelies, etc.

But NPR's homepage also has links to full sets of all artists at the festival. I'm very happy right now:

I recommend Neko Case, we saw her a couple of years ago at Lupo's in Providence. It was the First Show event for my wife's sister (or at least, first show we took her to).

Here are links to all the other live acts: page1, page2.

The site makes it hard to tell what happened when, and I suspect there's a more comprehensive list with just links to each set. Sometime when I have 20 hours to kill, I'll listen to all of them, but I guess the best places to start would be Pete, Arlo, Joan, Judy and Neko, then I'll just go down the list.

Hopefully these will also all show up on as individual broken out and tagged MP3's, which will make it much more hospitable to my idiom, or something.

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I went ahead and found the rebroadcast date for the Great Performances show, it'll be on Aug. 8 at 10:00pm on channel 11. Which we'll be missing due to Chrissy Hynde, Cat Power and Juliette Lewis(!?) of all people. At least it doesn't appear to be a Juliette and the Licks show, maybe she's grown as an artist.

Now I just need to figure out how to get it off my damn fool DirecTV DVR and onto a computer and I'll be all set.

/yes honey, I already set it to tape.

Certainly, I thought, PBS would never interrupt a rare once-in-a-lifetime celebration like Pete's 90th birthday with annoying fund-raising. Well, that's exactly what they did, shaking their tambourines about every 20 minutes. We can only hope that someday, PBS gets some sensible management and shows more respect for people like Pete Seeger and for their viewers as well. We did tape it, and so with some effort we can probably edit out PBS's shameless groveling.