Great Musician Plays Locally

I see in last Thursday's Granite State News in Section B, Page 7 that guitarist Ed Gerhard will play at the Wakefield Opera House on Saturday, September 19, at 7:30 PM. This news would mean nothing to me, were it not for the fact that I saw Ed Gerhard perform during an Arlo Guthrie concert in Concord. Ed was a surprise guest of Arlo's and a musician with whom I was not familiar. I learned two things at that concert. Ed Gerhard is a New Hampshire resident and an incredibly talented guitar player.
Gerhard will bring to the Wakefield concert his new Hawaiian Style guitar by Breedlove guitars. Breedlove is building these new Hawaiian lap-style copies in collaboration with Gerhard. Gerhard's music is featured in the Ken Burns documentary, "Mark Twain" and the upcoming, "The National Parks: America's Best Idea."
If you can attend this concert you should do so and if you didn't find it absolutely delightful you can complain to me.

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OC, did you happen to get my mail about the Leonard Cohen concert from London on PBS?

I did record it, but I was bummed when it wasn't the whole show, just roughly half, so I haven't watched it yet. Still, it's worth a look.

Yes, I did get your email but you told me it was coming up on a PBS channel we don't get here (channel 44?).

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Yes, I did get your email but you told me it was coming up on a PBS channel we don't get here (channel 44?).

I seem to be downloading the entire DVD now, as we speak. I will let you know if it comes down in one piece, and if it is indeed the entire show.

It really is worth the download. As many shows as I shoot, the Leonard Cohen show is easily the most popular, which really caught me off guard. I think it was because the Boston Globe guy used my pictures in his blog post/review. I really wish I could find a bootleg of the show I was at. I don't really care about having recordings of shows, unless I can get ones that I was actually at, but in this case the setlist is the same, and most of the actual interaction with the audience is the same, so it's pretty much a push.