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A few months ago, I told my wife of a law that would require toy makers to submit samples for testing, at their cost, to be tested for excess lead and get certified "clean" before sale. This testing seems to cost around $4000. The expense could put several small and part time toy makers our of business and could be construed as covering Natalie's artwork as well.

It's this one: Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

It was designed after several lead laden toys and trinkets came in from China, putting kids at risk. Well, someone finally "thought of the children", and decided we needed more of Nanny's attention. The law as written threatens many small toy producers in the states, even those whose products clearly are lead-free.

Tonight, I introduced her to another law, and this one really made her flip her lid. It basically entitles companies to claim copyright over public-domain clothing designs. The idea is that if a company comes out with something inspired by or similar to a public domain design, that that company can go after anyone who was similarly inspired by an existing design.

This has the effect of making any hobbyist seller, like those on etsy, hire a lawyer and do the equivalent of a clothing-title-search on any new design they come up with and decide to sell.

The article I read was written by one such independent maker via a quick blurb on BoingBoing.

These are two laws which really impact actual small-business people. Help the cause and complain to our reps.

I was thinking that a toy might be exempt from such a law if it were labeled, "For adult use only."
But then I suppose that that might put the "toy" into yet another category!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we had a discussion about the lead law on the other forum, if it is the same one. People were worried it included second hand shops having to have everything tested too.
See what I mean about too much government?

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One thing that should be clear from my posts is that my quarrel with the Republican party isn't about their goal for less spending. It's about their intrusion into every aspect of people's personal lives, disregard for civil rights, that kind of thing.

That said, we haven't had a "Small Government Republican" in office in several decades, not in my lifetime anyway. All we've had are people paying lip service while running up trillions in deficit spending. Oddly, the most fiscally conservative president in my lifetime was Clinton of all people. I gotta find that graph now...

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I was thinking that a toy might be exempt from such a law if it were labeled, "For adult use only."

You're probably right, and strangely, from what I gather those are some of the really dangerous "toys". I guess many are sold as "novelties" and aren't actually meant for real use. Therefore they contain all sorts of wacky chemicals, or become hazardous when you try and wash 'em and whatnot.

I remember reading this article a few years ago. (That link isn't even CLOSE to "safe for work"). I have no personal interest, but the thought of people poisoning themselves with these things fascinated me.

Relax, everybody.

The Government's Ministry of Truth has told us this issue is overexposed in the ObamaPress.