My wife's work

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I thought I'd toss something in here to show my wife's work. She is an illustrator interested in doing books or paintings, and has been concentrating on children's furniture for the last couple of years.

Her site is

Oh, and she's a web designer by trade if anyone needs anything. Not that you'd know it from my site :-)

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Very nice work! She's quite talented.

She is indeed!!!!

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Hopefully someday she can stop designing sites and just sit in the barn and paint. And I will try to keep from standing over her with a bullwhip to paint faster :-)

It's just an inherently not-that-profitable enterprise, and of course I'm an Internet networking guy dealing in efficiencies and economies of scale, so spending weeks on one piece would drive me berzerk.

Creativity doesn't have a speedometer on it and if you try to interfere with it by putting the brakes or accelarator on you'll be sorry. Let it be - it's her outlet of which we all need one.