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Has anbody heard any more about when "The Restaurant" will open, and the old Barn Door or the new women's clothing store? Anyone know who bought the old Barn Door? I heard it will open in the next week or so?


Anonymous (not verified) wrote:
"Garwoods had the waitstaff standing out on the sidewalk looking up and down the street."
I'm sorry, but the picture that I get in my mind of idle wait staff looking up and down the street when they should be busy strikes me as LOL funny! It's too bad that the Granite State News' intrepid photographer, Tom Beeler, couldn't have come by with his camera and caught a picture that he could have put "above the fold" on the front page of next week's paper. The caption could read:
"Tourists Overwhelm Downtown Wolfeboro"
maybe he'll read this and have his camera ready on the next slow night.

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I tried to go out"about the town" Saturday night and there simply wasn't anything going on. By 10 pm I gave up.

You've just described every time I've every tried to go out in Wolfeboro. Last I went out up there, probably 10 years ago, seems like most places had last call at like 10/10:30 anyway. Maybe Rumours was a bit later than that?

I agree about there not being many motorcycles. But today I saw a big difference. I saw them everywhere. I think the good weather brought them out. But I do think it is going to be a tough summer. I think fall and winter are going to be worse. I was talking to someone today and he is really worried about the winter. I am hearing a lot of people say that and it is very scary. You know when Waste Management lays off people, there is trouble.

Not to worry Tis, the chosen one has all the answers.

Oh God, anonymous! I know, we are all safe now. But when can we expect things to get better?
----- Which reminds me. I saw a truck in town today with an initial license plate which I swore said " Obama" on it. It was a veteran's plate too. Has anyone seen it or was I seeing things?

Hey tis, regarding your sighting of an Obama vanity plate -
Prolonged or extreme stress can impede thought processes and trigger hallucinations.

Ah, is that my problem? Glad to know Dr. oc! Send me the bill.

The ski resorts had their best year this past winter and the summer in town is looking great already.

What town is that?

You don't think the town looks busy?

No I don't Poppatuf. You must have missed my lengthy original post (Scroll way down to the first one entitled "Wolfe-City is in Trouble.") Other posts too note how slow things are.
Tell us of any good signs you've seen.

oc, I can't give you any factual info regarding how the town is doing but my wife and I noticed the out of state plates migrating into town very early this year, even long before Memorial Day and we thought it a good sign. Wolfe's Tavern must be very busy because they are constantly getting bashed on the Winnepesaukee Forum. I hope they get straightened out.
On nice days there seems to be a good amount of boats drifting into Dockside. I guess time will tell.

It just occurred to me that this is somewhat like predicting what next winter will be like based on how fuzzy the caterpillars are!
I've noticed all the bad experiences people have had at Wolfe's Tavern as posted on that other Forum. Bad service at Wolfe's Tavern doesn't help the town either.

I think it is a pretty accepted fact, business is way down in town.

Today (Saturday) when I went to get my mail, I found I had a letter from the Town of Wolfeboro, Department of Water and Sewer Utilities. The envelope's contents were routine (I guess) just a couple of pages with the results of the latest mandatory testing of water as required by our friends in the federal government.
What really surprised me was the fancy full-color Town of Wolfeboro envelope. The scan below doesn't really do it justice, you would have to see it in person to appreciate its glorious beauty! I wonder how much these envelopes cost Wolfeboro's hapless taxpayers?
I scanned it for the benefit of those of you who pay taxes to Wolfeboro, but because you don't buy water from Wolfeboro, are still in the dark about this new extravagance.

Wolfe-City's Fancy Envvelope

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Looks like VPRT does 'em (edit: click "show more quantities" in the pricing table) starting at 45 cents each in quantities of 100, down to about 15 cents each in quantities of 20,000. How much are blank bulk envelopes? Looks like ULINE does #10 at about a penny in quantities above 3500.

VistaPrint is probably about as cheap as they come, maybe someone has them for less. How is the quality? It looks pretty sharp, so it probably wasn't VistaPrint.

(having worked for VistaPrint for years, I feel somewhat qualified to make a pricing judgment within 10 minutes of your post :-)

As always, I am dazzled by your response. I posed actual questions of the Winnipesaukee .com's webmaster months ago and they're still unanswered!
Those envelopes are pretty expensive for a monopoly utility to use for routine correspondence with its captive customers. Their quality appears first rate. (Nothing but the best for Wolfe-City!)
Thanks for your quick (and expert) response.

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See that's what I was thinking of with the "Ask Me Anything" forum :-)

Looks like this scene is pretty much officially dead eh?

While weekends are slow times for Forums, there's been more action here than on New Site. At 7:57AM on Friday (corrected to EDT) tis asked Lugnut (New Site webmaster) a question about the order in which posts appear (first to last vs last to first) and as of this post she hasn't gotten any answer! Not all webmasters are the same - huh X?

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I'm not trying to "win" here though, I just want what's best for my users really. If New Site works out better, great, go do it. If there's anything I can change to get people to stick around, know that I'll do it.

I'm not really that quick, I just never have anywhere better to be than in front of my computer :-p

I think you have been wonderful x to have us here and as oc says, try to change anything anyone asked for. I am perfectly happy here, I was just disappointed more people didn't come here and I don't understand why. There seem to be more signed up over there already but of course that doesn't mean any more will or that they will post any more than here. I guess we will just have to play it by ear for a while and see what happens. The only complaint I have is trying to find the time to check out even more sites! I always seem to be in a rush as it is and more sites take longer.

Last night about 10:30PM, we were startled by something hitting our living room window. When I saw this creature on the outside of our window, I grabbed our camera.
I know we've had a lot of rain of late, but a FROG passing by?

It's been so rainy...

I use frogs occasionally in magic, but rabbits are a magician's friend.

Are you behind this Matzoh?

Today, I had a few errands to run and a routine doctor's appointment to keep, all in Wolfeboro. First, I heard Matt Taibbi interviewed on Imus In The Morning this AM. Matt's had a series of Rolling Stone (Magazine) articles on the underlying causes of our economy's colapse. He's done some major research on that subject and he sounds like a very bright person.
So, before my doctor's appointment, I dashed into Hunter's IGA, where I've bought bags for our Electrolux canister vacuum for decades. Alas, Hunter's IGA no longer caries ANY vacuum bags!
Then I dashed into Black's Paper Store for a copy of Rolling Stone Magazine so that I could read Matt Taibbi's latest Rolling Stone article on the collapse of our economy. After much ado getting assistance in Black's where the person at the register was too engrossed in her phone conversation to be of any use in assisting me, I finally found a high school age kid who told me that the Rolling Stone Magazines were "down on the left". I chased that kid down after the magazine wasn't "down on the left" and he checked on the store computer and concluded that Black's didn't have a copy of Rolling Stone Magazine!
I shared my futile search results with Sally Hunter, who I bumped into on the street. She suggested I go to Stay Tuned because "they used to sell Rolling Stone Magazine." I remembered that too and after thanking Sally for the suggestion I went into Stay Tuned, where I learned that they no longer sold Rolling Stone Magazine.
Then I went to nearby Bradley's Hardware for the vacuum bags. "Down on the left Aisle 1" said the clerk. Of course I saw zero packages of bags for Electrolux vacuums on the left of Aisle 1. I went back to my helpful clerk, and with a sigh she went down on the left to get the Electrolux canister bags. Next, she said, "Oh, I guess that we're out."
With no Rolling Stone Magazine and no vacuum bags I was (only) five minutes late for my doctor's appointment!
After seeing the doctor, I went to Pronto Market, where, in fact I once bought a Rolling Stone Magazine. I had a nice chat with my old friend Paul Labbe (who is always good for a nice chat) but Pronto Market no longer carries Rolling Stone Magazine! For my vacuum bags, Paul suggested Taylor's Vacuum & Sewing Center just down Center Street from Pronto's Clarke Plaza location.
That was a good suggestion. Taylor's is a NICE store and had the bags I needed and also for my upcoming needs they stock a new vacuum hose for my elderly (but powerful & loyal) Electrolux.
So after an afternoon in town, I returned home with a Granite State News, my vacuum bags and no Rolling Stone Magazine!
Try Wolfeboro First?

Who Me?

"...Those envelopes are pretty expensive for a monopoly utility to use for routine correspondence with its captive customers..."

Say after me: It's

Other People's Money.

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Well, you could always exercise your rights, become a selectman and tell make them knock that crap off. Or we could complain on the Internet, either way.

I asked my wife what Milford does since I don't think twice about things like water bills. They have a logo, but their stuff is all one-color, and they're fold-ins, so no envelope costs.

It does cost some money when you have a folder in the process, but really it's probably much less than having a 4 color envelope, and we don't have one more piece of paper to toss every month.

Zany printing guy side note: Envelope machines move very fast, like crazy silly fast, they get printed and then heated to set the ink. When my old company was rolling one of these out a software engineer was testing the sorting code on his laptop. The laptop went into screensave, which caused a 1 second blip in the data going to the machine.

Machine "locked up" in the most literal sense, meaning "stopped cold". This press, the size of a city bus stopped immediately, jumped and shook the pad it was on like crazy (presses are isolated on separate concrete pads which float independently so they don't interfere with each other), and the envelopes stopped moving. Even the ones under the heat, so they caught on fire. I was amused because I wasn't in that building, if I'd been there it probably would have been terrifying, at least until I start laughing maniacally.

preaching to the choir!!

a selectman? I be doubting it.