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I see where the rabid, anti-logic right gets their figures now. Since no one I discuss such things with will quote sources, I'm forced to make them up and quote as necessary.

In the following video, we see a prominent "Conservativedontyoudarecallmearepublicanimaconservativedammit" speaking about the murder of Dr. George Tiller in his own church. It should be noted that this particular prominent talking head called out Dr. Tiller more than 25 times on national TV as a murderer and said "[I]f I could get my hands on Tiller -- well, you know. Can't be vigilantes. Can't do that. It's just a figure of speech.". Sounds kind of like "If I could be in the basement of the white house with a truck full of fertilizer, well, you know, can't be vigilantes, wink wink nudge-the-fuck-nudge" to me.

In any case, the claim was made in the below video that Dr. George Tiller, prior to being gunned down in his own church, performed 60,000 abortions. Let us do a quick bit of napkin-math on that shall we? For the purpose of this argument, we will discount the time we know he was out of commission, after having been shot in '93 and his clinic blown up in '86 by Right Wing Not-Terrorists (according to some who believe it's damn near impossible for American Whites to be terrorists)...We'll assume he worked with a scalpel in his teeth out of an Airstream and maintained 5 days a week, 10 hours a day like a real trooper.

George Tiller was, at the time of his murder, 67 years old. In 1970/1971 he took over his fathers medical practice, all the while intending to go be a dermatologist somewhere. It was hearing about a woman dying during an illegal abortion that prompted him to maintain the family practice instead.

So let us take 38 years as a nice round number that he was "in the practice", I don't know when he started performing abortions however. Probably right around the time it became legal, but we'll assume it was 1971, Jan 1. That gives us 13,879 days to work with counting leap days and assuming a full 2009, which we know won't happen. If we discard Saturdays and Sundays over the course of the 38 year period which was cut short 1/3 into the 38th year, and assuming he immediately started performing abortions the minute Dad died, that gives us 98,800 hours to work within. So assuming 10 hours/day, we have one abortion every 1.64 hours, or like every 100 minutes.

That assumes this guy took no vacations, never rested, never filled out paperwork, never took a lunch break. That's 10 hours a day, nonstop, no vacations, for 38 straight years.

You're right Bill, the guy was fucking Mengele. Or, you're a liar, pick one:

I especially love the quote about the moron from the Daily Kos, with an ad (google ad no doubt) advertising an interview with Bill Ayers. Well, let's count the death toll. Bill Ayers, zero. huh. How "perfect" is that you bloated weasel.

I've used Snopes on non-political questions.

I gave up on Snopes when a legitimate question about Obama was asked: In reply, Snopes quoted a statement of Obama's!

What kind of "fact-check" was that?

It seems that if something is a Democrat-proposed policy, you hate it, if it's a Republican-proposed policy, you'll defend the most flawed plan to your last breath.

Most on this forum are aware of my complaint against Bush regarding the illegal crossings of our borders. Of Illegals, we have about 30 million now.

They crowd our hospitals for (FREE!!!) HealthCare, and OPM pays for it.

Illegals are being fraudulently recruited by ACORN to vote for Obama & Co., using OUR MONEY!



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The guy in Pennsylvania is Philip Berg. His allegation was that the document Obama posted on his website was forged, but provided absolutely no proof of same, and the case was dismissed.

I don't know why his Hawaii "Certification of Live Birth" isn't considered proof. The birth announcement in the paper would also provide good circumstantial evidence.

The DHS (formerly INS) would have had a record of his immigration if he wasn't in fact a citizen. They can tell if the guy in the cubicle next to me is eligible for work in the US, you'd think they'd notice if the person given one of the most important jobs in the world was an illegal immigrant with a forged birth certificate.

His parents must have been part of this conspiracy from the very beginning, plotting for the moment when their secret Muslim time bomb would go off 48 years later.


"...I don't know why his Hawaii "Certification of Live Birth" isn't considered proof. The birth announcement in the paper would also provide good circumstantial evidence..."

The newspaper birth announcement could have originated from anywhere by telephone—or by his Grandparents. It's the Birth Certificate that matters anyway. The "Certificate of Live Birth" isn't a Birth Certificate.

The COLB was produced in 2007, according to a date/time stamp directly on the paper. A xerox copy of the original would be sufficient—or a certified copy.

We don't know what information is being hidden from the people who supported him or elected him. The sudden appearance of the COLB raised many more questions than it answered.

Birth records are normally private to keep possible illegitimate births from the public eye. But why have so many of Obama's lawyers been keeping the BC hidden?

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See if you can't sue the FEC for failing in their Due Diligence in authorizing a non-natural born citizen to occupy the highest office in the land.

Clearly this is a failure orders of magnitude larger than Andersen's failings with Enron.

The FEC, Secret Service and DHS (at least) have responsibilities in this area. Show that they didn't meet their due diligence requirements in this case and you will have blown the lid off of a Moon Landing Hoax scale conspiracy.

You'll have to avoid detection by the trilateral commission who will be at your heels the entire way!


(aside: I WIKI'd the Trilateral Commission, and they in fact HAVE been accused of engineering the Clearly Illegal Obama Victory to gain control over more of the world's resources. Of course this claim was made by some bonehead nutjob conspiracy theorist, but who knows, he may have information valuable to our campaign. FIGHT THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!)

Let us be respectful of rabbits.

M. Heppelwhite

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I know I know, Salon are In the Tank Lieburuls too, but here it is:

A relevant quote, written by a lieburul think-tanker, but true across many, many conspiracy theories nonetheless:

Any inconvenient facts are irrelevant. People who believe in a conspiracy theory "develop a selective perception, their mind refuses to accept contrary evidence," Chip Berlet, a senior analyst with Political Research Associates who studies such theories, says. "As soon as you criticize a conspiracy theory, you become part of the conspiracy."

Evan Harrington, a social psychologist who is an associate professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, agrees. "One of the tendencies of the conspiracy notion, the whole appeal, is that a lot of the information the believer has is secret or special," Harrington says. "The real evidence is out there, [and] you can give them all this evidence, but they'll have convenient ways to discredit [it]."

This sounds vaguely reminiscent of many of our conversations here, where CW will be confronted with statistics and data in direct opposition to his assertions, and discount or attempt to invalidate them. What percentage of the 42% of white women /do/ you know to have been lying Latinas anyway there PTW?

I'd also like to see some evidence that the state officials in Hawaii who said "Yup, he was born here" were bribed or threatened in some way by the campaign.

I have to think that with all the muck raking McCain's campaign did that if there was even a SHRED of evidence that Obama wasn't legitimate, we would have heard it straight from Capt. Straight Talk or his side-kick Ensign Straight Jacket.

This is a better article. Just fast-forward 2/3 the way down to "At PolitiFact.com, we're all about original sources"...

They have looked at the Hawaii birth certificates of people born in Hawaii, which were identical in every way to Obama's, they made several calls to Hawaiian officials who confirmed the authenticity of the one posted by the Obama campaign.

They made one major incorrect assertion in this article:

But step back and look at the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and your sense of what's reasonable has to take over.

Clearly, we see that this is patently untrue. When presented with overwhelming evidence, in the face of the complete lack of any evidence of their own, many conspiracy theorists just deny even harder.

At least the UFO people have grainy video footage and tantalizing Air Force documents. 9/11 Truthers have...grainy video footage and bad math. Kennedy Assassination theorists have...grainy video footage (and, to their credit, rudimentary physics) on their side.

Where, I have to ask, is your grainy video footage people?

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No rabbits were harmed in the posting of my conspiracy theory go-to lines.

When we have an actual nice day for pictures, I'm going to be posting a "juggling amuses me" thread. Maybe I'll add some magic to it and juggle clubs and a rabbit.

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Can someone post evidence of the "millions of dollars" (of OPM) no doubt, that Obama is said to have spent to prevent the release of his birth certificate?

The state of Hawaii has a strict policy that no one's birth certificate shall be given to anyone without a tangible interest. They have also said that no orders were ever given to anyone that Obama's papers should be handled any differently than any other Hawaiian citizen.

In that case, why would he spend Million$ to prevent its release, when he's the only person who could actually permit it to be released? Why doesn't "No, go away and die in a fire" cover it?

Also, I guess the State Department bears some responsibility here too. Better add that to the list of People to Sue who are co-opted by the One World Government conspiracy.

That's right, Philp Berg. He has spent millions to fight the lawsuits. Even Obama's grandmother swore he was born in Kenya. Surely you don't believe that our politicians are honest and honorable, do you x? If you do you are very naive. They will do anything to cover up this mess. I really don't care if he was born in the US or not, except that it makes him ineligable to be president and noone should be president who cannot meet the three simple requirements. As I said, why doesn't he just release his papers instead of fighting the lawsuits? Then the whole thing will be ended. If you don't have something to hide, you release it. His school papers are very important too, those need to be released to prove if he did or didn't get aid as a foreign student. There was also something about he went to another country to live for several years. It was a country were American Citizens can't go. So how was he allowed? I just want my questions answered.

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The birth certificate posted on his site has been verified by the Hawaii state government to be a correct and legal document. It matches other Hawaii birth certificates.

Why should anyone release their college financial aid and scholarship forms? Why should the President have to disclose a single damn penny of his financial records when there is absolutely zero evidence of any malfeasance.

The reason I don't get more pissed about this, and the reason I understand your fear, is that the Wackjob Left had all the same Wharrgarble concerns 8 years ago, let us count the ways:

Election was stolen (Brother was gov. of main battleground state, Bush pushed to have a couple thousand absentee votes thrown out, which did happen)

Deserted/went AWOL from Texas ANG for weeks at a time.

No results of drug tests, presumably because he was an off-the-rails cokehead at the time

Blah blah blah. Are we all dead? No. Is the country as a whole worse off? Arguably yes.

What evidence, besides talk show pundit what-iffery do you have to show that Obama received financial aid as a foreign national?

Obama did go to Indonesia as a child. I believe the entrance document showing his religion as "muslim" is probably legit. Does that mean he's a muslim? No it does not. In Indonesia, they have what we like to call a "State Religion". That's a pretty foreign concept to us.

The fact is, he went to Catholic school while there. As I understand it at the time it was pretty common for anyone moving to Indonesia to list as Muslim simply because if they didn't, it could limit their school choice, etc.

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debunked. no Obama did not apply for financial aid as an Indonesian citizen.

It's odd how many of these arguments have their genesis in chain emails.

The birth certificate has not been verified. More Dim lies. When will it end Tis?

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The state of Hawaii says it's legit. Would you like Karl Rove to sign off on it? Who would make you happy?

What problems do you have with the document? The seal? The signature? In Hawaii, those are applied to the back of the document.

Once again it has not been verified, check your facts. Typical Dim response, more lies.

"...the FEC contends–just as was contended by Obama and the DNC, as well as the defendants in the three similar cases against John McCain–that voters cannot raise the issue of constitutional eligibility just because they are voters..."

More gobbledegook by Federal lawyers...


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Dr Fukino is a Republican campaign contributor who personally verified Obama's birth certificate. (2nd link is 2 page PDF from Hawaii.gov verifying authenticity).

Two: In case you think Hawaii.gov is a Lieburul front

How much dumb can you possibly spend beating this dead horse? My guess is you have a nearly limitless supply. It's too bad Dumb don't pay the bills, or in our case, national debt.

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As troubling as that sounds, it actually makes good sense, though it doesn't work in your favor this time.

If any voter could file a federal suit against a candidate to produce any random minutiae, it would be easy to mire a candidate (or sitting President with Better Shit to Do) down in legal battles they will certainly win anyway.

The same lame tactic was tried from your opposite number when trying to force Bush to release or approve the release of un-redacted records of his military service absences.

Some will always get sucked in. The truth will be made known as history will show.

Yea, A, there really isn't much more to say. Everyone believes what they want to believe. And in this case, until we see written proof, my mind will still be questioning. No other president has ever had a problem releasing his school papers or his birth cert. You and I have our opinion and x and poppa have their's. For a president who was going to have the most HONEST and open presidency, we are not off to a very good start. Oh, and no lobbyists in high positions? right.


You see that Clinton* offered to pay for sex off a model in South America?


"...debunked. no Obama did not apply for financial aid as an Indonesian citizen. It's odd how many of these arguments have their genesis in chain emails..."

I never heard of that one.



The question was, "who paid for his IVY LEAGUE education—NOT his Muslim/Indonesian eduation!

His stepfather signed him up in Indonesia as Muslim.

It's nice that the Islamic sound of "The Call to Prayers is the most beautiful thing in the morning"—according to Obama, but who cares where his Islamic education came from, anyway?

I'd like to know ALL the answers of what scared the writer to write that letter, "Obama You Scare Me".

A sensible poster writes this—from your site:

"Considering the low cost of obtaining copies of certificates from any Department of Vital Statistics, I’m left to wonder why the Obama campaign - with its $30 million surplus - didn’t simply send copies of it to every newspaper and news station to end the controversy.

"I personally possess two official copies of my original birth certificate for identification purposes (thanks, mom and dad).

"If I were in Obama’s position, I’d release an ORIGINAL birth certificate, not a “certificate of live birth” I ordered 30 years later, and dispel the rumors once and for all."


Saying "there is a birth certificate on file", then substituting a COLB for it at Factcheck.com was-the-exact-wrong-thing-to-do.

Obama's Grandmother says he was born in Kenya. Is she so proud of Kenya's reputation that she'd lie to "set the record straight"?

Was he born in Kenya?

Is his REAL father's name listed?

Is his real father REALLY "family-friend" (and American-Communist) Frank Marshall Davis?

(I don't have a problem if his race is listed as "Negro". That was a common and official use of the term in the 50s.)

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE so incriminating that so much time and effort has been expended on it???

A truly honest and resourceful inquiry into Bill O'Reilly's "facts" would have turned up ALL THESE!


(But a truly honest and resourceful inquiry isn't what we have, is it?)

"...There is zero chance this guy actually aborted 60,000 fetuses, total, let alone 60,000 "late term, casual abortions". He'd have a wicked case of tennis elbow if nothing else..."

One of your friends "evened it up" for Dr. George Tiller, Abortionist MD.




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Been waiting a while for this one to come along huh?

Though I don't remember it, I'm sure you can find somewhere that I've advocated shooting someone.

Stay classy.

When did we stop becoming aware of Muslim Terror?

Not saying we did, however we seem to be unaware of non-muslim terror, which is the point I was actually going for.

Just how well is that non-Muslim terror shaping up in your mind—today?