Oil Burner Technicians

Who in Wolfeboro or surrounding area has the best oil burner technicians? I know of Wolfeboro Oil and Warrens but have not had any experience with them.
Has anyone had any experience with either company or can you recommend someone in the area that is knowledgeable and reliable?
I have someone now but he is leaving the area so I will be needing someone else.


Terry Biehl is excellent and fair. 569-4074

Terry is very good - we've used him often over the years. Terry also has great New Hampshire humor.

We also use Dan Harrington of Tuftonboro on occasion for larger P&H jobs like when we restored our house.

Thanks DF and oc for giving me some names.

I agree, Terry is doing something for me as we speak, but I also use Wolfeboro Oil and Warren's.