Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce

A business named "Murdawg Customs" opens in Ossipee and the Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce has a ribbon cutting with a bunch of Wolfeboro politicians attending. It even says Wolfeboro selectman Linda Murray as one of the attendees.
Is this normal for Wolfeboro to do this for another Town or am I missing something?


That is very strange indeed. Not a sole from Ossipee. Is the new owner son of Roger & Linda? Was it even printed in the Carroll County Independent?

You know, when I saw that in the paper, I thought it was very strange too. I even mentioned it to someone else. Maybe they are a member of the Wolf. C of C and therefore the C of C attended?? I also wondered if it was really in Ossipee or there was a misprint.

wolf asks:
"Is this normal for Wolfeboro to do this for another Town or am I missing something?"
Wolfeboro is seldom welcoming to new businesses, even if they're going to do business in Wolfeboro!
Case In Point - Dragonfly, what officials do you expect to attend the up-coming opening of your shop?

Probably the only "official" who would come to my opening is the Police, Fire or Building Departments! LOL - wicked loud!!!

Actually the Chamber request is something you need to stage and I always thought it was kind of hokey. Last time I tried it was when the shop was across from Dunkin Donuts and we had Shirley Ganem and Joe Costello representing the bank and the GSN wouldn't publish the press release. I guess it's again more a matter of who you know vs. what you know and I've never met the new publisher of the new GSN, although I used to work for the old GSN. Ah yes - the good old days before I was an above the fold headliner!

I think if you are a member of the Cof C they will do it for you.