Wolfeboro Train station again

In the Grunter today there is an article about the latest findings about the condition of the Train Station.
One of the things that they found wrong was that a sewer pipe wasn't vented. My goodness, it must have smelled good in the area that was closest to the unvented pipe. I wonder what effect it had on the people working that area?
What a shame that the Town officials let this building and others rot to the point of being unhealthy to it's occupants.
I wonder how many unvented sewer lines in the Town Hall are unvented? What the hell, who cares anyway, the people who work there are scared to complain and would even be willing to have an out house if needed.

Here is the article:

"Ford also updated the
board on other capital projects,
beginning with the
Railroad Station. As reported
here last week in the
process of making repairs
to the floor system, the contractor
discovered that the
floor under the Chamber of
Commerce was in good
shape and did not need to be
replaced like the floor under
the Wolfeboro Nursery
School. Ford said this discovery
will save money in
the most expensive part of
the project, but advised that
some of those savings will
be going into other problems
discovered during the
reconstruction work. These
included faulty plumbing, a
sewer pipe that was not
vented, a chimney that
needs to be lined, and other
code-related issues. Overall,
Ford said the project is still
under budget and should be
completed earlier than