Wolfeboro's Game of Clue

It is amazing to me that there have still been no arrests in Wolfeboro's infamous Mother’s Day Murder. From the beginning, the New Hampshire State Attorney General's Office has been in charge of the investigation. During this ever longer span of time, New Hampshire has had two Attorneys General (so far).
Wolfeboro's police department has a highly intelligent chief. I can't say for sure, but I’d bet that had he (Chief Stewart Chase) been in charge of this investigation from the beginning, somebody would be behind bars by now (where they belong). One thing that I do know for sure is that the citizens of Wolfeboro want this crime solved. But, so far at least, the little town of Wolfeboro doesn't seem to have enough political pull with the State of New Hampshire to demand that this investigation be prioritized and concluded

A simple "Father's Day" manslaughter case from 2008 is still waiting to go to trial.

The problem in both cases is "Mayberry".

A big-city investigation was needed, and none was to be had.



The problem is Mayberry?
Sheriff Andy Taylor and deputy Barnie Fife would have had this wrapped up by now.