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You should already know all this stuff, but if you don't.  I am 32, and I live in New Hampshire.   I have the best girlfriend wife ever, she even puts up with my frequent bouts of involuntary unemployment.

Why xrayspx.  I get that a lot.  It's stuck since I was 15, there was an image format called .spx for the Atari ST. SPX is an extension of the Spectrum 512 format which allows you to display, through a cool display hack, a vertically scrolling image at 512 colors. Spectrum 512 was an amazing display hack in it's own right, allowing the use of a 512 color palette on hardware designed for 16 at a time. It would constantly rotate palettes, giving you up to 40 colors per scan line. That was pretty awesome. Believe you me. Of course, we used it for girlie pictures and pictures of the starship Enterprise, hey, I was 15. In any case, I also like, then and now, Poly Styrene and Xray Spex. When I started hacking and being a SYSOP for a really cool H/P/A/V board, I used xrayspx, it stuck. There you have it.

Since I'm a dirty old GNU hippy, I should probably list off all the stuff I have and why (all the old ones are still in some form of use. Untill very recently [March '07] Scabs was hosting like 4 domains):

  • Scabs: Dual PII/300 Dell Poweredge. Named Scabs because it was a BITCH to install the first time with RH 5.2
  • Bandaid: PII/300 Compaq Armada laptop, so named because of the ease with which Linux installed on it.
  • Hell: PII/450 used as a firewall, CounterStrike server and general fileserver.
  • mp3: Apple iBook G3/500 (600?) running SuSE and acting as my stereo running Amarok
  • Apple MacBook
  • Apple Mac Pro 2.6Ghz

  • SuSE. Before I jumped ship and bought Macs, all my machines ran Linux for about, 8 years. If I ever get another Real Job, I would like the same work environment as my last job, fast machine running Linux and 3 displays.
  • KDE
  • VIM: I don't need an "Office Suite" to be productive and write stuff.
  • Amarok. It's the only decent way to listen to a large music collection.

Aside from that, there's not much good to say. If you know me, swell, you already know all that stuff above, and if you don't know me, then you likely don't care anyway.