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I'm going to start posting up some tools around here somewhere, here's the first.

PRAISE for Adelphia Powerlink Tech Support. Who knew?

First purely political rant appears. I am just really getting annoyed by several things I see. Here is one. I am Pro Same Sex Marriage.

I've been documenting. I see a certain amount of search engine traffic for people trying to connect a FreeS/WAN based IPSEC implementation to a Cisco PIX. Both are mentioned on my resume, so they show up. I have had this running a while though, so here is some documentation

Here is a fun exchange between me and another admin.  It's a very good example of what happens when admins have too much time on their hands...

My wife and I bought a new house and closed last Friday. Here's what happens when you have two days to move and a storm drops two feet of snow on your operation.

Quite some time ago, I posted the Best Spam Ever. I never felt like linking it directly because of bandwidth, but here it is anyway.

Oh well, gotta work or something. I have to try and keep this better updated. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll get around to fixing Natalies index page. Hate taking fireworks tables and re doing them by hand.

I decided I haven't updated this in way too long. Been working at great company for the last 6 months. Getting married IN 6 months, playing CS, drinking beer, hacking Linux.

Consider it updated.