Gutter's Redemption

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-- Update: Seeing the reaction this has generated is driving me to demand one of these for all upcoming concerts, get ready Natalie.

Last week we got to see George Clinton at the House of Blues. Thanks to HoB policy of a rectal exam for every male customer, I have no photos of this event, which is why Natalie whipped out the following illustration:

Click for massive

I'm really happy with the way that came out, she really went nuts considering I counted 21 on stage at one point!

We were so happy to see this circus on stage, but it was hard knowing how tough it's been for Clinton. For a family that's gone through so much in the last couple of months to be up performing with that much energy was awe inspiring.

This was also easily the best sounding show we've been to at the HoB. I attribute that to the venue finally getting everything dialed in, and the fact that these guys are just that good.

Also, introduced us to local keyboardist Danny Bedrosian, who opened the show before playing the main set, and who has several local dates coming up. We'll be there, definitely.

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Nuce PCU Reference. One of the most underated College Party movies, meat tosser!

P-Funk must have been awesome. Need to catchy up with you at some point.