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It seems like I really don't write very much, but that's kind of a massive misconception. I don't write "much", but I had a bunch of blog entries that were at least 60% written and were missing like, screenshots or links or tags or I need to make new tags for things like XScreensaver and BSDs. Haiku. Shit lots of stuff.

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Cinnamon Needs To Get Their Shit Together


Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue

I'm a KDE user. I like having my ultimate control over look & feel, even though in almost every sense I'm a "leave it default" guy. But I have a nice MacOS-ey theme, handily and easily-ish customized for the proper Green on Black color scheme which is one of 1.25 acceptable palettes (amber on black):


Note things like the Strawberry media player window and the Dolphin windows, these will be important at probably some future date.

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What Do I Win, Internet?


Rod Serling

I don't honestly know if this says more about me winning the Internet, or me losing at sanity. You be the judge. I was pretty much just playing Geoguessr, saw that restaurant, noticed the name and remembered exactly the place from the TV show from 15 years ago or whenever. And that they were in Wales so it was pretty likely. Also I play an unseemly amount of Geoguessr. Probably as much as any non-bot user.

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Vintage Radio Refurb


Yes, Have Some

Electric cord plug with green goo indicating the insulation is breaking down inside.

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And The Phone Company Taketh Away


And just like that, the balance is restored as I was just informed by The Internet that my phone is no longer supported. Did the phone mention it? Not a chance. Did Verizon? Nah. If I manually go and update it goes out and checks, says it was successful and that I'm up to date with the last Security Update on August 5. As I read it service stopped on August 19.

Why is nothing alerting that fact at all.

And Natalie just replace her battery a couple of months ago. Like she didn't get the battery replaced, she replaced the battery. She's going to be really disappointed that the correct solution really was to just toss it on the pile of perfectly good hardware that gets instabricked by capitalists.

Before I replace my phone I'm going to try and install KDE OS on it or something and try and keep it going.

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Thanks Again AT&T


-- this was an email I wrote but I just pasted it here instead so it's...emailey

I just totally assumed that this is exactly what happened and started writing, but then I looked it up and I'm really happy that reality is exactly how I imagined it.

In 1922 AT&T standardized the 19" rack with 1.75" RU modules, generally now 42u or 45u high, but obviously, sky's the limit with those early switches.

But there were admins, just like me, in the '20s and '30s who now supported literal TONS of hardware in 19" racks bolted to their floor. Oh, new smaller super switch comes out? Good. Fits my 19" racks, thanks AT&T.

Then one day, hey, who're these IBM guys rolling shit in here?  What is that some calculator doodad?  Yeah, whatever, 19" racks, bolted to my floor. Figure it out.

Oh it's the '40s and you're building some whiz-bang tubemajigga to make your bombs boom bigger. Yeah take your insane death machine and get it in the 19" racks bolted to my floor.

That's not to say that IBM and DEC didn't build shit that didn't fit in a rack, but they at least respected the aisle depth and their cabinets were often just extra-roomy 19" racks bolted together. A lot of times I think the internal components bolted into internal 19" racks. *

'90s? Where'd these DotCom weenies come from and why did they just rent the whole datacenter? They're building their shit into desktop machines? Who fuckin' cares, make 'em cram it in that 19" rack.  **

I just love that AT&T did that, and that generations of asshole Operations Guys like me have made everyone adhere to it for 100 years.

Let's hope Skynet gets why it's trapped in 19" racks forever.  Sorry, assholeGPT I don't make the rules. ***


* There was a small IBM zSeries that was constantly in my way at C&W in Bermuda. I would alternate between tripping over it and using it as a standing desk and storage rack. I don't know what bank owned that stupid thing but I'm sad to say I never spilled anything in it.  There was a very leaky AC duct right in front of that machine that I always wacked my head on too, so it totally would have looked like an accident.


** I did this.  Some customer of mine in 2000 rented /open/ rack space like by the RU from what was at the time Boston Datacenters, in the Charlestown Hood plant.  That was some sketchy as frig shit.  Literally their two stupid desktop machines with their beta version PCI card based load balancers.  Phobos.  Utah.  I think.  Look it up.


*** Just occurred to me writing that that I literally watched Jeeves get shot in the face and dragged out behind the dumpster.  There were several dozen racks one week, all gone the next from AT&T in Billerica.  Matlab was also there with racks and racks of Xserve's.  Wonder how that investment paid off.  I think it was all for QA automation running lots of desktop instances or something.



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And you wanted to be my latex salesman


For a brief moment I considered wiping one of these decommed Netscalers and using it to replace a Raspberry Pi for "around the house" tasks.

Well not with a sound like that mister. You're going back in the barn:

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That 120 Minutes Playlist


I've just been directed toward a YouTube playlist that apparently made the rounds last August claiming to have "Every Video Played on 120 Minutes".  Well no.  Not really.  The claim is "2506 Videos".  Reality is...less.


I grabbed the playlist and threw it into my nightly randomizing grinder.  I already have a "120 Minutes" playlist, in which I just cram every video from every band who was ever on 120 Minutes in there.  Since it all "spiritually" counts.  I put stuff that "should" be in there too because what other slot would have played Humanwine I guess?

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NoMachine NX Key Based Auth


This will likely be updated.

I saw a request for some help in setting up key-based auth in NoMachine NX tonight just as I was going to bed and decided to do that instead.  I believe the request is for Mac-to-Mac, but for the moment I'm doing bi-directional Linux-to-Mac and Mac-to-Linux.  If I make any changes at all in how I set the Mac side up vs the Linux side I'll note them of course.

So here is the basic Linux client to Mac server.  In testing I set this up Linux-to-Linux.  The commands I used were exactly the same on the Linux and Mac servers.

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Two Step Remote Assistance Tool


My mom has a Mac, and occasionally something will fuck up in a way that is best fixed by me having some control over her machine.  I had one of those cases last week and it was embarrassing that there was no good way for me to get remote access.  Google Meet doesn't cut it, but there's a whole other Chrome Remote Desktop app, but that was a lot of hoops to install and gave up any hope of walking my mother through the install process.


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