Nixie Clock

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Bloodshot Bill - Mary Ann

Natalie got me a cool nixie clock project for Christmas. We've split duties putting it all together and we just finally got it all worked out and on the shelf.

Overall the project was pretty easy, though you can see there's one pretty badly folded in place resistor that wasn't in the directions so we had to cram it in last minute. And we had a couple of issues with certain numbers on certain tubes, but it looks great in the end.

This shows the assembled board, we weren't yet sure whether that resistor went in spot labeled for a 470k resistor because in the directions and photos that was a trim pot. However I found one photo where you can see he just folded a big resistor in there. Since our board was already populated we couldn't be so neat about it unfortunately :-)

With the tubes soldered to their board:

Full stack assembled:

Testing in place since the "minutes" tube's "1" didn't work:

All fixed and buttoned up: