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[music | Throwing Muses - Fall Down]

Can you guys knock something around for me? Some of you have seen it before, but check out Collection Browser. So it's a collection of my CDs, with extra Amazon-Link goodness. I hope that works, I have little idea how that works, but it searches for them anyway, so as far as a user is concerned, it works fine.

I've already had to re-tag a couple of CDs because they got tagged with country specific spellings that Amazon didn't hit on, but for the most part it's pretty solid. Also, searching on anything with accent characters probably won't work.

The whole thing is based off my Amarok music database. Amarok is great for Unix/Linux/Mac users (through Fink), but with the next version, it will be Mac native as well as Windows native, so that should spur adoption in a big way. If you have an Amarok database and want the same thing applied to it, let me know and I'll host it.

Thanks, let me know if it's useful at all, I'll post the code sometime, but it's pretty dang fugly right now.