Bosstones - Middle East 12-27-07

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I always love going to Mighty Mighty Bosstones shows. The first time I went was at UNH in the middle of a blizzard. They opened the doors to the outside and we'd all go outside, pick up some snow, cool down, throw snowballs, then run back in and dance more.

The second time was at Hampton Beach Casino. They opened the doors to let the cool in there as well if I remember. I got a drumstick from that one.

This show as at the Middle East. There aren't any doors there, and it was mightily hot, but we were right up front by the loudspeakers and it was way fun. Not much jumping around was happening because everyone was just packed in like crazy. My knees were fine with this anyway, they think I should get pins in them, I keep telling them to shut it and be glad I haven't amputated them yet.

I also always leave Bosstones shows with the opinion that what I need more than anything in my life is a good hype man:



Opening was Darkbuster and Westbound Train. I think the consensus (at least between the two of us) was that we preferred Westbound Train. Darkbuster was real popular with the crowd though. I didn't hate them, I didn't love them, but they were more straight-up punk band while Westbound Train was Ska, which I'd gotten all in the mood for

Bosstones set was, well, what can you expect, a Boston institution at a Hometown Throwdown show, you figure it out. They couldn't play every song everyone wanted to hear, but hey, that's why they're doing like 6 shows this week in town. Dickie was really playful with the audience, more than I've seen him in the past, taking pictures with their cameras for them.

A cool bonus was that there was this guy Katz from Toxic Toast(Whatever you do, do NOT click their link to "", you'll hate yourself for a week), a Chicago Bosstones tribute band. The guy was awesome and did a great duet with Dickie.

Bosstones and Boston Fans, you're all wicked awesome and I'm really glad I didn't sell my $25 tickets for $600 and stay home in the snow.

This one came out just as crappy as any other picture my RAZR has ever taken, but I thought the lights were fun:

I almost got a better picture of her picture on her phone than I did of the stage:

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