Egads, more tickets

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[music | Switchblade Symphony - Wrecking Yard]

So now we have, in the next week, BB King and Chris Issak (that show stopped me going to DEFCON, but such is life). And then The Cure, and Tori Amos upcoming.

I've also been thinking of ideas for our ever-growing collection of tickets and show swag (picks, drumsticks, etc). I thought we should string the collage together with strings (guitar, piano, whatever) to give it an industrial, musical look. Now I'm thinking about emailing various "contact us" addresses for bands we've seen a bunch of times and asking them for busted strings or stuff they've replaced. Junk they're going to toss anyway. I wonder if I can get away with it. Anyway, I think it would look cool with some sort of lattice, and the associated tickets brought forward to the strings of the bands they belong to. The collages are going to be almost shadow-box depth anyway, Natalie wanted them to be like 4" deep, leaving plenty of room. It could give a cool "selected" type interface look to it maybe. We have to do something soon since we're approaching the point that we'll have 3 24x30 frames worth of crap, with nothing yet mounted and hung. Maybe we should just toss all that stuff...

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