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The CSSManager is meant to allow access to certain functions of the Cisco CSS series load-balancers to less trusted (non network-engineer) staff without opening the CSS up to too much risk of misconfiguration. Currently it allows web users to suspend and activate Services in bulk quickly and safely. There are also value-added features such as "locking" servers so someone can't accidently activate a server that was suspended for a reason, comments are also useful, especially when used in conjunction with CSSPump to give context to a suspended or down server.

The first public release is right here. It should install and run fairly easily. If the Expect script gets something it doesn't like, it will simply freeze. This is again because of the target audience. If, after initial deployment, this tool doesn't complete its tasks properly, something is likely wrong with either the CSS or your route to it, and a network person should be looking at things, so I don't want it to gloss over failures.

It is very easy to make your CSS (inadvertently) write brand new config with this tool, as with anything that has the possibility of removing your entire load balanced server farm from the internet, it should be thoroughly tested before deployment.