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Natalie and I were at an antique store a couple of months ago and found some vintage postcards with lolcats on 'em. I like seeing things that represent a straight line from our past to our present, especially if it's something as random as lolcats. 100 years ago, people thought it was amusing to take pictures of cats and caption them in humorous ways. I can only hope that these were funnier 100 years ago than they are today, otherwise these copywriters should have been hanged.

Marvel at 100 year old comedy kittehs

The text goes a little something like this:

Dear Joe's Mother,

Just a line to say that I am going on all right, hoping you are all right. I have seen Hannah and she has got you in at 5 Reeds Road, it is a very nice place. So I hope we shall soon be seeing you. With love to Joe.



Grandma must have really hated her daughter-in-law, either that or she is a second marriage and is Joe's stepmother? We'll never know (unless Natalie goes crazy with the voodoo).

This postcard with the same cat but no added humor was also in the set we picked up:

My heart, I wearz it out for you:

I took a guess at a couple of words in this one, let me know if you can see it better than me. Also, I decided the name on the sideways piece was "bessy", prove me wrong:

My Dear Lilly,

I am coming to meet you all being well, don't forget under the clock outside the station front entrance if you are not going to use your ??? would you bring them for me they might be useful we have had a little thunder(?) today, I shall not go to where the train comes in I will wait as stated, hope it is fine. Everything is over this week, good bye good bye xx

don't be vexed with bessy as she is doing her best. Hope you will put this cat among your collection as it is all I could get.

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