Cinnamon Needs To Get Their Shit Together

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Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue

I'm a KDE user. I like having my ultimate control over look & feel, even though in almost every sense I'm a "leave it default" guy. But I have a nice MacOS-ey theme, handily and easily-ish customized for the proper Green on Black color scheme which is one of 1.25 acceptable palettes (amber on black):


Note things like the Strawberry media player window and the Dolphin windows, these will be important at probably some future date.

I also am an idiot. I run KDE Neon because hey, I like KDE right? Get it right from the source. This obviously has its issues. And I stupidly own a very pricey NVidia card which I would trade straight across for a mid-range ATI card that can run a couple big monitors.

Being an idiot, when Discover offered me my daily onslaught of endless. fucking. critical. updates, like the day after Plasma 6 came out, of course I hit update and reboot.

Goodbye Plasma, probably forever. I may need to wipe and reinstall a Linux install for bullshit like this in probably 20 years since battling compilers stomping on every living end user.

But in the meantime, show must go on and I'm not magically unemployed, so I login to Cinnamon instead. I really like Cinnamon's look and feel. My wobbly windows wobble, and aside from some notable "choices" in terms of things like how one adds a clock to a panel, which ironically has no option to show the date