New York Dolls @ The Paradise

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Whee I got to see David Johansen and I got the photos to prove it. What an awesome show. The audience didn't move around much at all, and those that did were dragged out by their throats, so that sucked, but it was good to get out, hang with my friend, drink some beers and see the Dolls. Highlights were obviously singles (Trash, Personality Crisis, Looking for a Kiss, Frankenstein - in that order). They also did a cover of Piece of My Heart, which rocked. Here are some of the not-that-shitty pics I took, more are at the Flickr set. I wish I hadn't been buried in the crowd, but the Dise was packed, I didn't want to ditch my friend and assert myself to the front, and the balcony was pretty much out of the question. 90% of the pics I took sucked, but some survived, unfortunately, none of the rest of the band survived (as in reality pretty much). I was supposed to meet one of my work friends, but that wasn't happening. Hopefully she got in since the show was sold out by the time I showed up, which thanks to my sucky weekend karma and our general slowness, meant I missed Opening Band.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, and as I was telling Sean. Scrooged is provably full of shit. No way is anyone getting in a cab driven by that guy.

Pics Inside

Those last two would be some of my favorite David Johansen photos, except for Capt. Baldspot and the Sweatshirt Samurai there. I swear that arm came out of nowhere. I do like the smiley face in the light on that one though. Some of us really wanted to hear Hot Hot Hot, which would have been great, so we could throw bricks filled with concrete at Buster Poindexter. I was kind of hoping for it as a second encore or something. But as I understand it, he's not any happier about that song's success than any of us are. I don't care, it's fun, sing it.

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