Two Wanda Jackson Shows

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We saw a rather short show with Wanda Jackson at the Royale last night. Unfortunately she has been playing pretty much a show a day for the last couple of weeks, and her voice was pretty well shot. The audience still loved her though, even though it was a shortened set, and it seems they're going to work out another date as a make-up show. Chances are good that whatever date they pick we'll either be out of town or have another show booked, we will see though!

The Lustre Kings did a great opening set, and Wanda did as much as she could.

Now, we also saw her last October at Johnny D's in Somerville. /THAT/ show rocked, and I know she's got it in her. I just realized I never posted photos from that one, so I've got them below.

The Johnny D's audience was obviously quite a bit smaller, but people went nuts then too. She's a great performer and audiences love her. I can see what Elvis saw in her.

Her video from the 50s and 60s is great:

Ranch Party

Fujiyama Mama (This is perfect with Betty...)

Hard Headed Woman, this dress is the FRINGIEST

First, a bonus photo; when we went to Nashville and visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, Natalie took this one of the dress from the Ranch Party video above and the guitar from this Sparklin' Brown Eyes video:

October 7, 2010 at Johnny D's:

February 23, 2010 @ Royale:

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