Presidential Candidate Questions

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There are several pointed questions I'd like to see people ask our presidential candidates. I'm going to start a list below, if anyone goes to an event, and can get one of these off before being tossed out, I'll buy you a coke. If it gets a reasonable answer, I'll buy you two cokes. If anyone has anything to add, tell me and I'll add it.

I'm going to do them by issue type and candidate, I guess. Most of them are probably pretty interchangeable. I started thinking of these in the context of "questions I would want to ask Rick Santorum", so I'm starting with him.

Civil Rights / Social issues

Rick Santorum

  • Make a case against gay marriage that wasn't also made against interracial marriage
  • ...Or in defense of slavery for that matter
  • Give Three non-biblical reasons to prevent two consenting adults from marrying the person they love.
  • Note: Dogs cannot enter into contracts. Neither can minors. Don't let him pull that pedo/bestial nonsense. No state with legal same sex marriage has 4 partners getting married, or people marrying dogs or children

  • Ask why his wife's abortion was more moral than any other doctor trying to save a mother's life
  • Fiscal Issues / Debt & Deficit Reduction

    Newt Gingrich

  • You're very focused on Food Stamp and welfare reform. Can you address your position on farm subsidies, which take the form of direct handouts to farmers and result in artificial price inflation at the point-of-sale for consumers?
  • National Security /

    Barack Obama

  • Please justify the targeted killing of an American citizen without due process of law in the case of Anwar al-Awlaki. -- I get that there are bad people, and bad people must be stopped, but there is a world of difference between targeting a camp in which there may be a US citizen, and targeting that individual. If they can target him for death, they can target him for capture and repatriation to face a court.
  • Ron Paul

  • Are you really this fucking nuts, really?
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