I was wrong, and Dr. Octagon show

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The Treo 700w is not the worst camera phone in the world. Since my involuntary unemployment, I've had to relinquish the Treo, and tonight went out with an LG POS. I have no idea what the model is. Phone sucked, but at least I was entertained.

Went to see Kool Keith (Dr. Octagon) who has my favorite record name ever (Octogonocologist). Really good show, although there was no crowd at all. My friend and I were right up front the entire time though, and got lots of what should have been good pictures, they weren't. From the front row, the Treo could have at least gotten passable quality, not so this LG. OH well. Fun show and what people there were were really 100% into it. That's why I love the small shows, Rasputina, Dresden Dolls, etc, as opposed to the huge monster shows (NIN, that kind of thing [not that I hate the monster shows, they're also a shitload of fun]), because the people coming out are the super-fans. I'm not a Dr. Ocatagon Super Fan, but the guy I took was, and it was great. And I got a slip-mat, so if I ever get a turntable, well, I'll be all set...swell.

I didn't roll in until 3:00, and I feel really guilty about that, since Natalie absolutely cannot sleep without me in the house. There were 3 or 4 opening acts before Kool Keith went on at like 11:30. I knew I was dead already. Of course Natalie was there to greet me when I hit the door. D'oh.

Not even going to bother posting these photos, they're that bad.

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