Jeff Beck & Imelda May at the Wang Theatre

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[music | Big Black - Grinder]

This was a whole show of constant highlights. I got to hear Jeff Beck play Train Kept A-Rollin' for fuck's sake. That's pretty high on the list of impossible things that can never happen. The show was really like watching Marty McFly invade the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. An excellent rockabilly band, and then this monster guitar hero comes in and changes the future.

It wasn't all strictly 50's rockabilly and blues, for instance, Peter Gunn, we also really loved the tip to Cry Baby with Please Mr. Jailer.

I only took pictures during one song in the encore because I don't know if the Wang Theatre really approves of such things, so I waited until I didn't mind being bounced. I was in the front row of the my section and right next to the entrance, so there were ushers constantly standing 2 feet away. Not knowing the specific camera policy, I decided to be all stealthy. So the quality isn't as good as I'd like since I really only took like 20 total. Here are the best of them:

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