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Pretty much all the pictures from Tampa are up now, except the Devil Rays game, but honestly, who the hell cares. Not me. Next week, Toronto.

Tampa was a pretty fun trip. I like cities that you can park and just walk around, and see things that are unique to that city. Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater don't seem to be my kind of towns for that, but the weather was nice, and the beaches were awesome, so anyway, here's some of it. Each photo goes to the flickr set it belongs to.

Sea World was lots of fun. I got good whale photos and some seals and birds and stuff. We missed out on the dolphin show because it was packed by the time we got over there. But at least we didn't miss out walking through the Great Arctic Exhibit With No Animals In It.

The Sunken Gardens are in St. Pete, and it's a pretty big, cool garden they have there. They shouldn't really advertise the "butterfly environment" much though, just kind of let it go.

Here's my dumb, squinting ass sitting on the bench outside the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petes. That museum was amazing, if small, but the tourguide was a huge plus. We don't deal with guided tours, but we ended up getting sucked into this one half way through because she was so interesting.

I got a bunch of pictures of armadillos outside our hotel one night. It was dark enough that I couldn't see a thing in the viewfinder on the camera, so I just tracked them with the light-sensor light and pushed the button when I thought the camera might be pointed at them.

Here's some more Hotel Parking Lot Nature:

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