Beth Orton, MFA Boston 7-2-2008

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We went to Beth Orton's 7pm show at the MFA, and I can say, finally, a relaxing show :-)

Unqualified Review, couple of pics

This was supposed to have been an outside affair on the lawn at the MFA, but with Severe TStorm Warnings and hailstorms moving through, the wise decision was made to move things inside. We're guessing (hoping) that this allowed them to actually sell more tickets, and the theater was packed for the first show in any case.

I'm by no means an authority on Beth Orton music, like many people I first heard her as The Voice for several Chemical Brothers tracks, and when I got married, I inherited several CDs that "I don't kick out of my mix". I've always liked her voice and lyrics, and after seeing her live, I see the potential for this to be what Regina Spektor might sound like several albums out. Their mannerisms and styles struck me as pretty similar. The same self effacing jokes as they screw up and start over on a song, or bust into a coughing fit.

There was a good mix of old and new which we were happy for, since I'm more familiar with Central Reservation and Trailer Park, myself. That said, I'm pretty much unqualified to rate the show since I'm not a huge superfan. I really enjoyed her, she was funny, and despite Airplane Throat (and Airplane Fingers), she did a great job to kick off this string of shows. I'd love to see her again, for more than an hour next time.

Here are a couple of subpar pics. It was clear from the start that this wasn't going to give up any great shots, so I just took what I needed for Natalie to copy that dress, which was awesome.

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