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Morrissey and Kristeen Young Girl in a Coma (huddlah huddlah, honk honk) @ the Orpheum.

Apparently, Kristeen Young said something inappropriate last week regarding Morrissey's ability to make with the head, and he immediately canned her off the tour. Internet Drama happened, with fans split between Morrissey's side and hers. I don't care, the guy is super private. You know this. You've toured with him for months and months, don't even jokingly break that privacy. Last time, we didn't hate her, but we didn't end up rushing out and buying her CD either.

Girl in a Coma were really good, especially for having had to join the tour with no notice at all. They were pretty much like Sleater-Kinney or The Trucks. Straight guitar punkrocky stuff. We liked it and will give them $15 to hear more. The singer had a really strong voice, and slightly less strong guitar, but it was what it was, and they were really fun.

The Morrissey set had us frightened from the get-go that it was going to be another "7 and I'm out". He was joking a bit about "I know where we are, and well, let's just see how things go" alluding to the June show. The set was largely newer songs that I'm not as familiar with, but there were plenty of Smiths and early Morrissey thrown in as well (National Front Disco, How Soon is Now, Death of a Disco Dancer, Shoplifters of the World Unite, etc). It seemed that the June show was gearing up to have more older stuff in it, before it was cut way short. That one had Queen is Dead as well ...International Playboy right up front, so combining the two shows, we've seen a fair amount of his material. The audience obviously was crazed the entire time and jumping up to hug him and stuff, it was great. I do feel that if you're going to see Morrissey, IMMEDIATELY NOW is probably the time. There were certain bits of certain songs that he just bailed on, wisely, but everything did sound good this time.

I know he's turned down $75 Million to do a Smiths reunion tour. I would be willing to add ... $5.53 to that pot, guaranteed cash US currency. The band he had was great, but understandably, he's not about playing everything from the 80's and 90's, he's about playing his newer material, which is good, but I think there are a lot of people who would love to see Morrissey and Johnny Marr back again.

There's a set-list here for those that care about such things. Now that I look at it, it looks like "New" to me is anything after 1992. Disregard my idiocy.

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Huh. That's really weird about Kristeen Young. It was really really stupid of her to say that. In a sense when you're an opening act on a tour you're in a constant state of auditioning, meaning, reigning in your oral diarrhea unless you know the headliner is cool with it. Morrissey is so unmacho that I would never say anything about his sexual prowess at all.
I saw only the very end of their set when I saw Moz last month. The sound was sofa king loud for their set that I no idea whatsoever what they sounded like, but they looked *exactly like* the Dresden Dolls, which I found strange. Listening to her samples online, her voice sounds extremely Kate Bush-y, and the music doesn't sound bad but doesn't immediately grab me (but few things do.)

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I think they might change their schtick up from show to show, I was remembering "Pat Benetar" with headbands and spandex, but Natalie reminded me that that was Juliette Lewis. Kristeen Young was wearing some sparkly dress I think with what looked like some six-pack rings going up her arms, that's what we'll wear in The Future I guess. I could easily be wrong, that's really why I write all this stuff down...

Yeah, I have no idea what she was thinking. It just doesn't seem smart to say anything about the headliner except "thank you" and "they're great". If she had been saying that about someone less private about all things sexual, things probably would have been fine. "Lemmy gives good head" would probably have worked out just great. I guess she was just trying to get SOME reaction from the audience, which, at the show we were at, would have been a start. I remember she (and Juliette Lewis both, so I know I'm not wrong about this), had one massive super-fan at each end of the stage, so she had a couple of people to work off. I remember the Juliette Lewis super-fan creeped me out about as much as you might think. Looked just like me (6' beardy-longhair, 200lb), but in a skin-tight Juliette Lewis shirt and singing his heart out. Heads, freezer, definitely.

The more I look at these things, the more I'm convinced they actually are 6-pack rings.

I'm listening to the Girl in a Coma CD now, so I guess they made more of an impression on us.

So, did your show get screwed up with the earthquake an hour before-hand, or was it small enough not to matter? Sounds like you've got quite the schedule lately, that's good to see.