Trip to Bermuda

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Here are some photos from day 1. We didn't get in until like 10pm, so the pics are just my room, and the weather kind of sucks today (well, on and off, like it always is here).

I think we were on the front plane out of Boston on our way to JFK.

This was waiting in my room when we got to the Waterloo House in Hamilton, there were finger sandwiches (2xSalmon, 1xHam, 1xCucumber [I ate the ham, "When in Rome...Eat the fucking ham"]), brie, cheddar, fruit, walnuts, salad:

Some random shots of the room. The rooms here are beautiful, hardwood floors, antique-y furniture, huge restroom, plus good internet:

I travelled light. The big empty black window on my laptop shows all the wireless internet connections I wasn't able to find any of...: