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This year Natalie and I decided to put a spending limit on presents for each other, since if we want something we'll just go get it. That and we were spending a bit of dough on some other presents, anyway, it was like $20.

I got her the Muppet Movie, which she'd never seen, the heretic.

She got me...pain in a bag, and I love her for it.

Six bags really, of Blairs Death Rain habenero potato chips. She also got a jar of dry rub, which as far as we can tell is the same thing they put on the chips. These chips are great. I got totally hooked on them at my old job and would hound the vending machine guy about whether he had any this trip. The first time I saw them I got a bag and a Dr Pepper and went back to my desk. Big deal "hot BBQ chips, yeah and?". They sort of catch you off guard that first time. There's some decent heat there for a potato chip. I drained my Dr Pepper during that first bag, and made what I figure to be the classic rookie mistake of going for the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Got some in my eye I guess when I tipped the bag up, big mistake.

A few weeks ago I read a funny blog entry about what happens when a cocky curry eater meets Blair for the first time and takes a 16 million Scoville unit trip to hell and back. It made me want my Habanero and Crack flavored chips, and Natalie came through in a big way.

Seriously, they're not that hot (they're not "mild"), and you won't die. Just try some and you'll become hopelessly addicted I'm sure. No "heat for heat's sake", they taste good. I think Blair uses an opium extract in the fry oil, it's the best theory out there for why these things are this addictive.

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