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Morrissey @ Bank of America Pavilion. Long story short, 35 minutes, canceled to be rescheduled.

Kristeen Young opened and we liked her. It could have sounded better, but that venue often doesn't really cater to opening acts, in fact, it's sucked almost every time we've seen anyone there for the opener. Worst being the Ditty Bops ( Here's the audio from that show),but we loved them and bought their stuff anyway. I'll probably buy one of Kristeen Young's CDs and see what the deal is.

Morrissey opened with The Queen is Dead, which sounded fine, and then ...International Playboys, which did not sound fine. He sounded all right, but hit none of the high notes (never said the word "International" until the end where they're easier to sing). I chalked this up to the fact that maybe Chris Isaak's voice just aged better, but he said that since he was on Dave Letterman last night, and they keep the studio at -30C, he is having voice problems. 4 songs (at most) later, and he cancelled the show. People were pissed, but I look at is as "Hey, we get 1 1/2 shows for our $150, and I wouldn't want to hear Morrissey sounding like Mick Jones anyway". Hopefully it doesn't conflict with any of:

Wedding in Maine - 3 day stay
Charlotte - Minimum 9 or 10 day stay
B.B. King
Chris Isaak

So yeah, we were disappointed, but I'd rather be disappointed by half a show with the promise of a full one to follow, than be disappointed by hearing Morrissey sound like he smoked a pack of Camel's and now he's Patty and Selma.

BTW if there are any Unwoman-y types reading, I'm holding Ringleader of the Tormentors in my hand right now, and you should totally get CDs pressed like this, it's not cheesy, especially since there's a "concept" there where you say the two parts are like two sides of a record.

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Hey lay off Biff -- Letterman's studio is frigid because Dave wants it that way. It's not Biff's fault -- what, you've never had an overbearing boss?

What a travesty last night's show was. And it should have occurred to SOMEONE that they should skip playing Morrissey's traditional post-concert music of "That's Life" immediately after the crowd has been told the concert has been canceled. Insult to injury.

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Yeah, "That's Life" was unfortunate at best, but at that point (never having gone to Moz before) I didn't know it was his thing, so I thought it was picked for the occasion. And that made me smile.

I think we'll get a good show yet, looking forward to it after all these years!

/So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight... That would have made me smile too.

Cool -- I will check out the Moz record. Thanks for the tip!