Ween @ Webster Theater, Hartford

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[music | Love & Rockets - Mirror People '88]

I'm still washing the hippy off. This was an invite from a friend, and I had a good time with him, but bluesy-quirk-jam-band isn't really my chosen plan.

I will now proceed to whine:

Jam Band Hippies continue to confound me. Most of them seem like privileged whiny little weasels with entitlement problems. Good example being the smoking line to get outside. First some girl who sounded like no one but the girl from PCU (you know the one) made some comment about "yeah, that's the line to wait patiently for CANCER...". Hey, Moonbeam, go eat more pills and leave me alone about the cigarette thing.

Then the whole line was whine whine whine "why can't we just go, we should protest! Everyone light your smoke on the count of 3! You smoking facists!" And then they proceed to shove and cut and try everything they can to weasel their way out. Fuck 'em.

But the music was all right if you're into that kind of thing. The sound was a lot worse than I would have thought it would have been though. Keyboards were pretty un-listenable, and the vocals weren't that great. It was nice to just lean over shut my eyes and listen to new music though.

I think I liked the Dean-singing songs better, but it could have just been because I could hear his voice better. It seemed like his vocal mic was louder.

Note to Ween: If you want the "yelling through the bullhorn" sound to work live, you should talk it over with one of the following experts in the field:

  • Col. J.D. Wilkes
  • Luc van Acker
  • Ogre
  • Al Jourgensen

These people can help you get the effect you want without 80% of the feedback, and you'll be able to hear the words coming out your mouth, not the mumbled quiet garbage you get when you yell through a bullhorn into a mic. That is all.

Overall I'm very glad I went, and I think my mission is to start at the beginning and start working my way through Ween until I hit the point (probably around 1997) where they lose me.

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