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You can tell a lot about an organization by what kind of mouse they design:

Microsoft creates the Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical, it is curved for the hand, 3 buttons, scroll wheel, works well, is sturdy, Not Too Bad:

Apple creates the MightyApple Mouse (and more recently, their Magic Mouse multi-touch buttonless mouse). I think I'm one of few people who really likes this thing, capacitive sensors for left-right click sensitivity, 360 degree scroll ball, squeezable side button actions. Not that sturdy, hard to clean, but definitely a step forward:

Then, the Open Source Community makes a mouse, you get the OOMouse from Many buttons, most of them rather indistinct, to perform dozens of functions from only a couple of clicks, kitchen-sinkified approach that appeals more as a gamer than someone using a word processor or spreadsheet. My hands never spend as much time AWAY from a mouse as when I'm in a word processor:

The comment I heard from a friend that sums it up best: Do they have a WordPerfect overlay for that yet?

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