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This show was kind of iffy from the get go, since Dresden Dolls were one of two opening bands for Panic! at the Disco. The other was the Hush Sound, which was actually entertaining and the crowd seemed really into it, especially for the opener-to-the-opener. Combined with the fact that it was July 4th and at the most crowded place in the state that day (Hampton Beach).

We ended up sitting in the lounge area rather than wade through pre-teens, and we could really see well. The whole goal was to see well enough to watch Brian on drums. Most entertaining ever.

We ended up sitting with a woman who went to high school with him and was there with her 12 year old daughter who was a Panic! at the Disco fanatic. She was glad to find other Dolls fans to hang around with who were both old enough to drink, and weren't into mopey, self-wounding boys with bad hair and worse eyeliner.

The Dolls did a good mix of old and new (no "Sing", which was alright with me...and no badass covers like Warpigs, which just would have died with this crowd of teenies).

They also covered Regina Spektor, which is just awesome, since none of these kids know who she is either. We were really happy when she opened for them a year or so ago and we got to hear more good music.

We stuck around for a couple songs from Panic!, but found ourselves not caring after they covered Radiohead for their third song. The sound was much much worse for them than for Hush Sound and Dresden Dolls, I think because they were the headliner and thought they should be loud.

We weren't very familiar with their music at all going in either, which might have been a strike. I'd downloaded a video and Natalie had heard a couple of songs. Based on the theatrics in the video, it would seem they'd be right up our alley, but the music was basically Any Emo Band. The stage theatrics were good too, it just would have been better with different music.

That, combined with the fact that I wanted to go around pushing all these kids down, hard, so they don't get up, meant we should go.

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