That 120 Minutes Playlist

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I've just been directed toward a YouTube playlist that apparently made the rounds last August claiming to have "Every Video Played on 120 Minutes".  Well no.  Not really.  The claim is "2506 Videos".  Reality is...less.


I grabbed the playlist and threw it into my nightly randomizing grinder.  I already have a "120 Minutes" playlist, in which I just cram every video from every band who was ever on 120 Minutes in there.  Since it all "spiritually" counts.  I put stuff that "should" be in there too because what other slot would have played Humanwine I guess?

I ended up with   1499 "Music Videos".  There is an additional 589 songs with a static card.  Which is... you know?  Like you know for a fact that a video exists for this song.  It's kind of in the name.  Anyway.  The third category of 500 or so was shit I couldn't get because it 403's, or part comes down but the rest fails.  I've rerun my tool a few times just to pick up things that were able to complete their downloads, but most of them are down since the list isn't really maintained I guess.


But now that I've got it... Well, I'm keeping it under my base "120 Minutes" directory, which already had about 1400 videos.  Within the "full archive" directory, I've got "videos" "tst-fail" "tst-downloading" and "tst-non-videos".  The "fail" directory was specifically for bad videos.  There's one in there out of this whole run.

Here's the thing though, my existing stuff was curated to my taste, so I don't run into things like "well now Bif Naked is represented to the same degree on a level playing field with Patti Smith and that feels wrong somehow".   So now my mission is to find as much archived playlist data as I can find and build a weighted playlist randomizer.  For example, I guarantee Black Flag got played more than Jimmie's Chicken Shack by volume, so the problem is that now I get to implement star ratings on a random assortment of video formats with no common metadata  standards.  Oh well, neat, here I go.