It's 1997 Again

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The Pixies - Dig For Fire

A few weeks ago a friend found some PC hardware by the side of the road and started putting it aside for me. He got one Packard Bell Pentium 120 system with a monitor and everything, and a white-box PC from the P4-era that I haven't fully ID'd yet. Neither had hard drives, so I got an IDE -> MicroSD adapter and today I fired up the Pentium 120.

My goal was to get RedHat Linux 4.2 running on this even if I had to manually beat it into submission. I chose that because RH 4.1 was the first Linux distro I actually paid money for, and I remember at the time that 4.2 made some major improvements over 4.1, so I went with it for quality of life reasons. But the machine I used back then would have been a P1/133 or so, so this is all pretty nostalgically correct. Somewhat anti-climactic, but everything worked straight out of the box. All the hardware seems to be fine, and the machine just saw my 3Com 509B card and on-board video. X11 works, networking works, what more could I need?

So now I'm compiling a MOO since I don't really know what to do with this machine next. I'll have to isolate this thing entirely from the rest of my network before putting it anywhere near "The Internet", but that's definitely happening. I do want to pull the existing ISA 3Com NIC and replace it with a PCI one I found since this machine has PCI and my 486 doesn't. Initial tests on that PCI card don't look too great yet.