Milford Halloween

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[music | Big Black - Dead Billy]

After we gave out candy to some of the most polite kids ever, we jumped over to the Lull Farms farmstand.  I had had to make an emergency pumpkin stop on my way home and saw them setting up "some kind of display".  Turned out it was hundreds of jack-o-lanterns, with a few really large pumpkin sculptures as well.  Here are some of the less blurry photos:

I lied about the "not too blurry" thing:

Huge smoke-blowing dragon, the green behind him was a snake of pumpkins that stretched around the display:

Here's a large ant that was invading a picnic, but obviously too dark to see the picnic:

I really wish this one wasn't as blurry as it is, and I was bummed that I had to use the flash, but the snail was just too dim:

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