The honeymoon is coming to an end

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Couple issues with the iBook.
Firstly, and most annoying/dangerous(?) is that twice now, I've been just sitting using the thing, I think both times I was just selecting/deselecting blocks of text on some webpage in Safari, since I have a wacky habit of doing that as I read, and the machine went into hibernate. Couple panicked seconds later, it comes out of hibernate, and the battery has completely discharged. I haven't run off of battery at all, it's always been plugged in while I use it. I checked my battery serial, but it's not one which is eligible for recall.

The other problems are all just UI or "way the Mac works" issues.
* Close the lid, lose wireless. So every time I close and reopen it, I have to log back into my Term Serv sessions, IM, etc.
* Multi Desktop issues. I understand the Mac isn't "virtual desktop friendly", I have Desktop Manager, which works GREAT. However, since the machine wasn't designed for it, its functionality doesn't fit my definition of "correct". I have four copies of iTerm, one for each of four virtual desktops, but I can tell that not being able to run an app on multiple desktops will annoy me. Certain things, like IM windows, that I might, on occasion, set as "exists on all desktops" in Linux, I can't set in OSX. Pretty trivial issue.
* Inability to set Safari up the way I want. I keep wanting to make Safari look more like Konqueror, with a "new tab" and "close tab" button on the tab bar, a "clear URL bar" button, etc. I imagine there's a way to do this somewhere, and I imagine if there isn't, I'll just use Firefox like I do everywhere else anyway.
* Cut/Paste issues. The feature of X that I use constantly and get constantly flustered with when I'm on an OS that doesn't do it. Highlight something, it's copied, mouse3 click, it's pasted. I can't deal with having to command-c command-v everything.
* "The Mouse Issue". I'm using uControl right now, I had initially downloaded SideTrack, but I feel that this is something that "should be free". I liked that SideTrack created a vertical scroll area, just like my HP, but I wouldn't mind the alt+drag uControl method either, if I were left handed. I have mapped the Enter key as a second alt/option key, but scrolling is only smooth if I use the original Alt key, if I use the Enter key, it's all choppy. I imagine it's intercepting the keyclick every time it is hit and doing translation, rather than changing the actual keybinding that OSX sees. That bugs me. I also liked that Side Track gives me right-click. I wish it would give me mouse3 click, but then again, that might not do anything anyway in OSX.
* WM immutability. I like to be able to grab any edge of a window and expand it. I do not like having to position the top left where I want it and then drag from one handle widget to expand down and right. I really don't like that bit.
I think that's probably about it, so far, I'm sure there will be more, but that's a good start :-) I'm really concerned that I just need to buy a new battery, or that worse, iBooks "just do that". It's scary that right now my battery meter is at 100%, and that at any moment it could just discharge itself completely. That just seems dangerous.

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